The holiday season is on. This is the right time for small businesses to strengthen the relationship with customers.

Be on the radar of your audience by being a bit more active on social media.

Try making some simple videos wishing your customers a good luck or wishing another prosperous year ahead with your business. Warm wishes keep you always in remember.

So here are the best ways possible for making attractive video content to make a better holiday outreach.

Know What Your Message is

First things first, you must be clear of the message you want to send through your video. Are you wishing your customers a happy new year? Are you conveying your gratitude for their being your loyal customers? Or are you going to introduce new offers or organizing any contest on the festive occasion?

wishing a happy holiday

Choose what your message is. Then comes the tone of voice.

Some of your audiences like jokes, but some of them don’t. If you are in such a dilemma, better you go with your branded tone, where everyone listens to you.

Through this video, you are supposed to show that you are caring for your customers and remembering them in such an important occasion.

Generate Original Content

You are giving some value to your customers. It should be reflected in your content.

So rather than showing something visually created, try generating some original content. Shoot videos of your employees expressing the message or some of your happy customers.

generate original content

To show the best of your customer engagement, you can capture the videos and photos of some of your happy customers. This adds genuinity to your content and people will easily get connected to this kind of stuff.

Through these videos, you can actually reach all types of your audience with the right tone of the message.

Theme & Music

Well, you have created content for your business. Now it’s time to edit the video and make it more enticing.

Background music gives the soul to the video content. So, you should be careful while choosing the background music. Because, the background music is the one that changes the mood of your audience.

If it is good, the user will be in a good mood and the ad can achieve its goal. If it is bad, we cannot do anything else, rather than regretting the failure.

And the second one, the theme of the video. It should be active and in sync with the video shared. Keep something that reflects the theme of your video content.

Use some text

To make your video more appealing, add some text content to it. At the beginning of the video, show your business name and logo. And later, show some text regarding the theme of your video.

And later at the end of the video, show some text, summarizing the entire message from the video. Thus, your message will be clearer to all your audiences.

Conclude the video with a positive note in the text. Like, Wishing a more fruitful year ahead.

Reach Your Audience

Once everything is done with the video, cross check it once for any errors or mistakes. Some hidden errors can’t be found at the first look itself. But if you check twice or thrice, you can see errors popping out of nowhere.

After making sure no errors in the video, you can post your video on your chosen social platforms. If the post is getting a good initial response, then you can make a campaign for that video to get more popularity and reach more people.


People spend more of their time for shopping and celebrating the festival during the holiday season. So, don’t go away from your customers just to lose a profitable business. If you play smartly, you can make your customers turning to your shop when they need something of your niche.

To be in the memory of your audience, the above are the best practices to follow while creating a visual creative.