The trend in Content Marketing will be Video content in 2017.

The most consumed thing on social media will be Video in 2017.

80% of the Internet traffic will be occupied by Video content in 2017.

Video… it’s really eating the digital world.

Then, how about creating your own video creatives quickly and attractively?

Here today, I’m going to suggest you five simple and superb video creation tools to give life to your imagination.

Is it so Necessary to Create Videos?

Obviously, yes.

The reason is very simple. Just think about yourself. Don’t you prefer videos to images or text on your FB wall?

You love to watch the video creatives and so do your audiences.

Let’s take a look at the new features on and updates to social media networks in this year.

  • Facebook has updated its Live streaming feature to make more engaging.
  • Instagram brought 60-sec video feature.
  • Instagram introduced videos into its carousel ads feature.
  • Instagram allowed us to create simple video creatives with the help of slideshow ads.
  • Instagram has brought Live Video to its Stories feature
  • LinkedIn started 30-sec video feature.
  • Twitter enlarged the video length to 140 seconds.
  • New monetization plans with 70:30 splitting was announced by Twitter.
  • Pinterest launched Promoted Videos and updated them with autoplay feature.

So it’s clear that every popular social network has its focus on VIDEO. Video content is the most engaging element on social media. It gives a chance to reach more people and give more value to the users.

So creators, start creating enticing videos with these tools to keep up with the new marketing trend.

1. Animoto

Animoto allows you to create Marketing videos and slideshow videos with an easy drag & drop environment. Starting from a cheaper price of $8 pm to $34 pm, this tool offers you thousands of soundtracks to create captivating video creatives.

You can add your images and small video clips to the templates that you are going to use to create your video.


2. Powtoon

For your personal, educational and work purposes, Powtoon is one of the simplest and efficient video creation tools.

Ranging from $19 pm to $59 pm, Powtoon offers you various funny video templates like infographics, whiteboard, cartoon and professional etc.

Creating videos on this software is quicker and easier. The best thing is, you can add a call-to-action button as well in your videos. This helps in driving traffic directly to your landing pages. Like their tagline says, anyone can animate with this tool.


3. Biteable

Biteable is another simplest tool to create visual wonders for your personal and professional purposes. This is purely free if you want to use it for your personal use. But it displays its watermark on the video. When it is personal, you need not concern about it.

To remove the watermark, you can upgrade to a premium version at a cheaper price of $8.25 pm.

This software is so useful for explainers where you can use various illustrations, images, text and music to explain something to your audience. This is easier and clearer.


4. Magisto

When you want to create videos on the go on your mobile Magisto is the best choice for you. For creating business videos, this is really a cool software.

Magisto offers you cloud storage at Google Drive. So, you can access your video creatives whenever you want to.

The pricing is affordable. It starts from just $9.99 pm.


5. VideoShop

To create videos on the go and add more effects like slow motion, VideoShop is the coolest software. This is available on all the mobile app stores i.e, iOS App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store.

On this app, you can add images and video clips, trim the unwanted video clips and add slow motion effect and amazing sound tracks.

To create high-resolution images, VideoShop is the best tool in this mobile-first world.



Creating a video is not at all a big deal now. With the advanced feature-packed applications, anyone can show their creativity and leave a mark on social media.

Some of the tools mentioned above are for free. And for some, you need to pay a little buck. However, the amount you pay is just a small investment that returns you outstanding results for your marketing.

If you want to spread awareness or want to generate sales or any other marketing purpose, you can use the tools to the fullest.