A social media manager managing a company’s social media accounts can very well understand how dynamic it is to manage them. It’s very crucial to keep pace with the changing algorithm updates and deliver the influential contents which followers can enjoy and find relevant to them and their interest. Also, it’s important to give the most engaging contents to keeping pace with the follower trends and interests. For sure, social media management is quite a time-consuming, and demands a lot of care and maintenance to ensure that actions remain significant in developing social media platforms, but it’s crucial for the marketers to give their valuable time to this—everyone is using it.

Social media to consume a lot of your time, but it has the power to make or break your brand easily. Social media is the best way to keep the level of desire and excitement high for the audiences to follow and get engaged with your brand or business. It’s a normal human tendency to lose the interest soon from the things easily, and today there are lots of brands & businesses coming up every day making competition tougher. Most people are using social media in their mobile devices, so it’s a bit challenging (but easy if done smartly) to step forward all the noise and reach the customers.

If you’re not taking the effective initiative approach constantly to perfect your social media strategy and content, your followers may then consider your content “outdated”. Here are 4 ways for creating blistering social media content schedule and make your followers engaged to your business—

Schedule Your Everyday, Weekly or Monthly Content Together


Scheduling your post depends on the frequency you want to post, but it’s good if you schedule social media content for the whole week for your business at the beginning of the week itself only. Because, manually logging daily in different sites can be tedious for you.

Here are top 5 amazing tools to make your social media marketing a piece of cake—

#1: SocioBoard Core

SocioBoard Core is the world’s first open-source social media management tool along with analytics, and reporting platform, supporting 9 social networking sites. With the use of SocioBoard Core, one can easily monitor and manage numbers of social media accounts. It also gives useful reports helping businesses to make decisions based on them. It’s completely open-source and 100% customizable and extensible in the form of plugins.

#2: FaceBoardPro

FaceBoardPro is an automated Facebook marketing tool helping businesses to automate their daily Facebook tasks with a few clicks. It assists in managing multiple Facebook accounts; manage friend lists, groups, pages, apps and much more. It automates all the day-to-day Facebook management tasks and thus saving marketing efforts and cost as well.

#3: InBoardPro

InBoardPro is LinkedIn marketing software, helping to automate all the tasks done on LinkedIn. It also manages multiple LinkedIn accounts; post automated updates, connect with new members in the linked community, and manage all LinkedIn groups and much more.

#4: TwtBoardPro

TwtBoardPro is a Twitter marketing platform, which manages multiple twitter accounts at once, and automates tweets, re-tweets, favorites etc.

#5: GramBoardPro

GramBoardPro is an Instagram marketing software. It can manage multiple Instagram accounts, and all the Instagram tasks, likes, followers, comments etc.

All these tools and platforms not only make scheduling of contents easy but also give a consistent posting strategy to follow. Using such marketing software gives the flexibility to balance content in a better way and get a good understanding of what type of content to share, which works best for you. The Proper balance of content is the key for social success.

Prepare List of Relevant Content Resources and Follow That Strategy


Before posting something on social networking, ensure you’ve established your goal by adhering to a pre-determined posting technique. What exactly are you attempting to accomplish? Usually, businesses have the goal of informing their audience, existing customer or potential customers regarding the significance of their offered products or services. Thus, it’s important to share informative and relevant piece of contents with a sales message. It doesn’t mean to flood your audience or readers with your sales pitch— rather it means sharing some thought focused contents supporting your real cause.

When you build your social content strategy, prepare a list of useful sites and blogs from where you can get relevant and reliable content. Having a list of websites beforehand that encourage thought leadership is likely to make your life easier at the times of scheduling content.

Pick the Best Day and Time to Post Content


The best and suitable time to post on social media differs for every industry and platform, but remembers that analytics and research makes a difference in making sure the success of your marketing campaign effort. Use Facebook business pages to know about the insights regarding the days and times when your followers are usually most active.  LinkedIn and Twitter analytics gives details about the daily page views and engagement trends. Additionally, there are numerous studies that tell about the statistics on average user behavior and activity. Try them and see what works best for you.

Pick Platform for Posting Content Which Will Benefit Your Business

social-media-marketing (1)

If you’re having a busy and hectic schedule, and want to make the most of the social media, so while planning for social media marketing remember that not every platform will work for your business—particularly if you are a B2B based firm. It is essential to know where your audience is active and after that use your efforts on that social media platforms as well as other strategies that look promising to be effective for your business. In case all your target audience is B2B, study well about your ideal clients before posting; take a look at their respective websites and see what kinds of the latest social network they use, lookup about them on each platform and using Internet find information on every industry.


Apart from effective social media content strategy, the other crucial part for the social media accounts of your company or business is the excellent branding pictured with professional social media graphics and well-optimized content for search.

Let me Make Social Media Content Schedule Work For You