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If you’re a business owner, obviously you must have thought before investing in the social media advertising! And once you would have invested in it, you would have desired that your social media post to be seen by more people. And all this is possible through a targeted marketing campaign, as it ensures that the posts are reached exactly to the audience you want.

Here are some of the leading social networks which offer options for promoted post and help in reaching your target audience.

#1: Boost Posts on Facebook

For battling with the low organic reach on the social network giant Facebook, you can easily enhance your Facebook page posts in numerous ways.

As soon as you create a post, you can boost it.


After publishing the post in the Facebook page also you can use the “Boost Post” button. This option is particularly helpful if you’re making use of any social sharing tools.


From inside the page’s Facebook Insights also you can boost posts. It is especially helpful if you’re going through your analytic s and come across a particular post that can be used for boost or can go viral depending on its present organic reach.

On clicking the Boost Post button, there comes a lightbox pops up which offers simple audience budgeting, targeting, and scheduling options. This interface can be used for an easy and quick approach. You can know more about the same from the Facebook Ads Manager option, you create a new ad and select the Boost Posts ad objective. From this approach, you get complete Facebook Ads interface for high-tech audience targeting, budgeting and scheduling, letting you take the full advantage of your ad budget and thus post promotion.


Instead, visit the Audience Manager and make the custom audiences list and saved audiences. Using the email or phone list of your subscribers and customers also you can create a custom audience. For creating a “saved audience”, save an audience based on some certain configurations.


Use the Boost Post buttons and Facebook Insights on your page when creating audiences for targeting specific crowd of audiences much precisely and faster. When using the particular audience targeting make sure that the shared Facebook page posts will reach out the right target audience to entice qualified engagement and traffic to your business.

Why FaceBoardPro?

Facebook having millions of users across the world, has been come out as an influential tool for advertising of your business. With numerous analytical, marketing, and promotional strategies, it has grown as one of the top and most influential digital marketing tool in the today’s business and marketing world.

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Because of its ever-increasing popularity and cross-border reach daily new bards are open their Facebook account for promoting their businesses with the latest effective analyzing tools meant for Facebook.

FaceBoardPro assists in directly reaching the desired target audience. It helps in manage all the daily post and different business campaigns and thus helping in attaining the business goal with ease.

#2: Promote Tweets on Twitter

If you believe that Facebook is the merely social media undergoing from the low organic reach, think over it again. One of the quite hot tweets from a company “Whole Foods” having more than 4 million followers, got just 5 replies, 96 tweets, and 233 favorites. That’s quite a low reach, that is why boosting your tweets on the social media Twitter is one of the good ideas.

There are certain places to get your promoted tweet campaign start. Firstly, click on the tweet Analytics icon below any of your tweets. This brings out your tweet’s overall activity, and a “Promote Your Tweet” option.


Secondly, you can also click on the “Tweet Details” available in your Twitter Analytics for getting the option to boost your tweet. Unluckily, this button “Promote Your Tweet” will not give that much in the means of targeting or any other options. That’s why many prefer using Twitter Ads interface for promoting the tweets.

From this, you can easily post a new tweet for promoting or select from the posted tweets of your profile. From this, you can get all of the budgeting, targeting and scheduling options you need for boosted tweet campaign. Making use of certain particular audience targeting will make sure that your tweets are reaching the right audience for driving qualified engagement and traffic for your business.

Why TwtBoardPro?

TwtBoardPro is one of the brilliant open-source twitter management solutions which is made with the purpose of managing numbers of twitter accounts at once. TwtBoardPro allows users to do the activity such as sending and receiving tweets, viewing profile, retweets, etc. very smoothly.

twtboardpro logoTwtBoardPro gives you a flexibility to target your desired crowd of audience with precision, connect with your audience directly, spread out your key message throughout the day, handle multiple campaigns and much more to help you attain your marketing goal. With TwtBoardPro one can certainly get maximum exposure for their brands.

#3: Support Updates on LinkedIn

One of the most recent updates on the LinkedIn company page of Microsoft has 111 comments and 1,376 likes, which is quite OK as they have more than 2 million followers. Older updates have netted lesser than 100 comments and 500 likes each, turning LinkedIn to be the other social network where organic reach is quite low.

Luckily, there’s an option you can simply sponsor the updates which you have posted in the LinkedIn company page. These can be done from the “ Sponsor Update button” available on your page. Or else, you can also do it from your “LinkedIn company page analytics” using the Sponsor link.


Irrespective of the face where you click on either the link or the button to be taken to the traditionalistic LinkedIn Ads interface where you can select to sponsor content. Then select your page and the update which you wanted to sponsor or want to create a direct sponsored content, which is normally a post not shown up on your LinkedIn company page.

From this, you can find the traditional LinkedIn Ads targeting, budgeting and scheduling options. Letting your updates promoted to the right and perfect business or target audience within the LinkedIn’s news feed assists in reaching out your targeted audience along with the native advertising format.

Why InBoardPro?

InBoardPro is a great LinkedIn management solution which is an open-source, for creating the personal brand, good lead generation, hiring right candidates using the LinkedIn platform. It can manage multiple LinkedIn accounts in very few clicks!

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InBoardPro offers real-time visibility throughout the complete requirements, allowing unexampled access to candidates, clients, companies and business data across the world. InBoardPro is a comprehensive program of totally professional services, designed with the key motive to help businesses get succeed. It also delivers Social Intelligence for identifying the customer’s requirements so that the brand communication and products could get much faster and smarter.

It is simply an amazing solution for all the universal brand marketers who are in need of significantly enhancing their need, understanding, operations and chances of rapid success and thus get maximum impact.

#4: Support Updates on Instagram

Instagram marketing is not accessible to all just yet. Instagram started offering brands advertising feature in the year 2014, and as of recently, Instagram stated that they will make the Instagram Ads API available only to a particular group of Facebook Advertising Partners and agencies, and further will expand globally.

The most amazing things specified in their update is that their latest ad formats will greatly assist in driving the action in the form of offline sales and website visits. So have an eye out for supported Instagram posts as they may be the mere ones that let your valued visitors click through your official website.

Why GramBoardPro?

Today, every brand no matter a well-settled or a just launched brand, everyone is opening their Instagram accounts. So, the competition among businesses goes tougher here as well. GramBoardPro is a solution that helps the businesses to easily reach out their desired target group. It offers a complete range of features that is efficient enough in helping businesses to increase their Instagram likes, followers, and comments.

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With GramBoardPro, you have the flexibility of automating the like, comment and following activities. You even have a brilliant un-follow feature with which you can simply remove the people who are not following you back.


Since the organic reach continues to fall, the leading social media platforms are inspiriting the businesses and brands for making use of their marketing platforms. With social advertising means, you don’t have to wait and pray for a post to go viral. You can set up a targeted campaigns to make sure that your posts are effectively reaching out all of your fans and followers.

A Piece Of Advise:

SocioBoard Core is not only the world’s first open-source social media management tool, but also is an analyzing and reporting platform supporting nine social media networks.

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With SocioBoard Core, you can:

  • Manage nine Social Media Networks (the biggest PLUS point!!!!)

  • Monitor & handle numbers of social media accounts

  • Make useful reports and take business or marketing decisions based on the reports

  • Use it either in the Web or through Mobile Apps available on iOS & Android

  • Completely Open-Source making it easily customizable

  • Commercial SAAS version extremely helpful for Small businesses

  • Extensible in the form of Plugins

So, what you think about the targeted campaigns? Are you using social media advertising for increasing your post reach on the leading social networks? If yes, please share what is working best for you in the comment section below.

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