Many companies, brands (and individuals as well) are tended to think of Twitter as an effective way for pushing information. However, now it’s possible to use Twitter not only as a marketing tool but also as a sales tool.

Twitter is completely different from LinkedIn, as it’s not all about only setting up to form lists of potential leads or customers.

Especially during the startup, businesses face difficulty in getting new customers. Thanks to the searchable bios, public updates and a plethora of third-party tools such as TwtBoardPro, SocioBoard, etc. which makes it easier to find customers on Twitter very easily.

In this article, you’ll know how to get in touch with your current as well as prospect customers on Twitter like a cakewalk that too without advertising.

Tip #1: Start with an Influential Twitter Profile

Before beginning the search for prospect customers on Twitter ensure that you have a complete profile telling about who you are and what your business is all about. Add your qualification, about your offered products, and services in your bio. Also, add your official website link and its location.

You can edit your profile by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’, and save it.


To have a complete profile, don’t forget to pin a tweet at the topmost that focuses your brand, products, services, business or whatever you want to market to your potential customers. For this, you can create a new tweet or use the recently tweeted one. For pinning the tweet at the top of the profile, click on the 3 tops below the tweet.

pin tweet

When you pin a tweet, it makes sure that your messages are not missed by your potential customers.

Once completing your Twitter, now it’s the time to look for potential customers on Twitter.

Tip #2: Look for Prospective Customers with the Help of their Bios

Do you want to scrape users using keywords (or name) they are using for defining themselves? If yes, you can use TwtBoardPro. TwtBoardPro is an open source Twitter management software that lets you scrape follower’s followings of any number of users. Using this, you can easily scrape users from Names, Keywords, and also get a list of Trending Hashtags as well.


Once getting the list of your potential customers, select the profile to follow or simply add him or her to your Twitter list. Create a separate list so that you can easily recognize, and make the list as Private, because if it’s public, every added user will get easily notified.

Visit the profile of a prospect customer to follow that person and/or add him/her to your new created list. For adding someone to a particular list, click on the Settings wheel icon next to the Follow button. Once adding people to your list, see the news feed of updates from the prospect customers. This list can be very helpful for getting engaged with your prospect customers.

Now go to your Twitter list and see the news feed of updates from the potential customers you’ve added to your list.

Tip #3: Get Important Tweets Delivered Right to your Inbox


Are you aware of your audience’s pain or needs points? If your audiences are sharing their pain or need points, you can get prospect customers, prepared to buy, and sent directly to your inbox.

Use Twitter search to ask about some things your audience may be interested to talk about on Twitter related to your offered products or services.

For instance— if you’re the web hosting firm, use –https –link to find people searching for suggestions for web hosting. This will eliminate the tweets which are not from the potential customers. As you start getting good searches, turn to IFTTT by registering for a free account and create a new procedure. Initiate by choosing Twitter as the trigger medium.

Further, select new tweet from Search as the trigger. Insert in your Twitter keyword search which helped you get generate some good prospect customers. Select email digest, Gmail notification or instant email as the action. Usually, Gmail or instant email is a better option so that you can respond instantly.

Next is to tailor the email you want to have. For customizing the notification use the icon in the topmost right of the Body field. The subject line can be customized, or you can opt for the text of the tweet as the subject line. After completion, rename your IFTTT recipe and start it. More recipes can be created for additional searches.

#4: Tweet Regularly to your Prospect Customers or a Specific Twitter List


Undoubtedly, Twitter lists are a perfect and easiest way to manage the prospect customers you get on Twitter and keep an eye on your discussions. Using TwtBoardPro, you can easily schedule and automate the process of tweeting, re-tweeting, etc.twtLogoHD2

Firstly, you need a private Twitter list. Here a user can upload a file having tweets. Then all one need to do is just to set the time, the number of tweets, time, and number of tweets per day as well as various others filters. Just one click and it starts tweeting and with a click it stops. It also has an option to organize retweets or number of replies per day.

TwtBoardPro can also be used for managing retweet and favorite. Using this feature a user can upload a URL or file containing a list of more than one URL’s to make retweet and favorite. There are certain options to customize the process like choosing one among retweet or favorite, using public or private proxies, delay threads and also the option to check favorite with images.



As discussed above, there are numerous simple ways of finding prospect customers on Twitter. All you need is to first identify your target customers, and what they’re looking for, and the rest is a piece of cake with the assistance of TwtBoardPro!

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