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Many of the marketers are still frustrated with the Facebook return on investment (ROI). If you’re working for a big company, improving your brand exposure and visibility can confirm the effort, time and money spent on the Facebook. Unluckily, small businesses don’t have that much power of spending bucks to just improve their online exposure and enhance brand perception.

Small businesses require clear-cut consequences to confirm a good ROI from their every marketing dollar coming out of their hard-earned income and going to Facebook.

How can you actually boost your revenue from Facebook, a social network giant?

Here’s a list of 4 step process that can guide you to increase your Facebook leads by 108% and more-

If you haven’t had any successful marketing campaign on Facebook, don’t be sad and leave your car parked in the garage! Rather, rev up your engine and prepare yourself to double the number of leads you can generate from the giant social networking platform.

1. Create an Impressive Landing Page

landing page

Several researches have been conducted on analyzing the Facebook marketing campaign. It was found that there are many businesses having stellar and astonishing advertisement, but a completely crappy, irksome landing pages where their users are directed.

According to a report of HubSpot, “55 percent of visitors stays on a website lesser than 15 seconds!”

Imagine, you just have 15 seconds to make an impression! What you want to show them on these 15 seconds?

Consider the landing page experience as the small time-span you have for impressing a date. For grabbing their attention instantly (in this 15 seconds), you have to tell them a captivating and attractive story.

Every marketing campaign must have a well-customized landing page following below criterion:

  • A clear call-to-action button on the page when the user lands on it

  • Message perfectly aligning with your ad

  • A contact form included above the fold on the lander page

  • Responsive lander throughout every device with a website loading speed time of fewer than 2 seconds.

By having a killer, outstanding landing page, you can significantly increase the number of people filling out the contact form who are interested in your advertisement’s core message. It is really surprising the difference that a landing page can make on aligning it properly with your advertisement.

2. Offer a Free Downloadable PDF or Create a Quiz

pdf or quiz

There is no better way of getting one’s contact detail via Facebook than by leaving them inquisitive for the answer.

Some or the other time you may have received a text message from an unknown number and couldn’t wait to know about the person who had messaged you! This is actually exactly similar of making a quiz or a downloadable PDF. You will have the people salivating to put in their contact details because they’re interested to find out more!

By creating a small quiz for your Facebook users with some useful information like their SEO quiz score, you can easily generate leads at the minimum cost per acquisition from any type of medium. Use the above-listed criteria while designing and customizing the landing page for directing your users there. Try putting on your utmost creativity hats and fall out with a quiz or some helpful answer related to your industry or market where you can get email addresses of your prospects at a quick pace.

3. Precise Targeting

target users

In the past years, if you had targeted towards your precise demographic to “Like” your Facebook page, this can be greatly beneficial. If you’re running a marketing campaign through Facebook, you’ll have the choice to focus on people liking your company and friends of people who’re connected to your organization. This could produce an incredibly high-relevance rating along with an inexpensive per acquisition. If somebody already “likes” your Facebook page, you’ll possess a robust probability of getting their contact details.

Here are some of the additional advertising campaigns you must operate on Facebook for resulting in a low CPA and more leads-

  • Facebook Re-targeting – Show your ads through the advertising portal of Facebook to all people who had already gone through your site.

  • Lookalike Audience – Add up a list of the email addresses of all your customer to the advertising portal of Facebook in order to target a spookiness similar list to that of your current customers.

  • Conversion Optimizer – Properly optimize your marketing budget and advertisement delivery for getting more conversions.

Adopting advanced optimization and targeting techniques, you can see how accurate your Facebook advertisement campaigns can become.

4. Powerful Content


Many marketers forget that the majority of people are not going to click on your ads, let solely convert. This is the main reason why there is a need of creating unforgettable content potent enough to grab the attention of the Facebook users while they are scrolling down through their overwhelmed news feed.

You can use FaceBoardPro, a Facebook marketing software to manage your overall Facebook marketing campaign. Using it, you can manage all the activities required for a powerful campaign. You can schedule your Facebook status and posts of different Facebook accounts so that even if you’re busy in some other important, you don’t miss a single chance to interact and reach your customers.

faceboardpro logo

Ensure to create minimum 3 different combinations of advertisement copy with 3 different sets of images to see which is working best for you. An influential ad copy can easily lead to an improved click-through rate (CTR) and a low-cost per acquisition.

The messaging on the Facebook ads needs to be constantly modified, so that it doesn’t get day-old and your objective must always be making efforts in improvement on your top performers.


Getting the contact details of people is the key goal when creating a Facebook ad campaign. It is very important though to have a well-planned follow-up process before launching your ad campaign. For turning out the captured phone number or email address into a paying customer, it needs a creative follow-up process from the complete sales team. Simply getting the contact information and storing it in the database won’t help them get converted into a beneficial customer.

In case your Facebook targeting is on-point and unforgettably you are having a killer-landing page together with a smart quiz, your business can easily increase the number of Facebook leads by 108%. Try out different advertising copy and finalize the best and most compelling messaging for your ad copy, it is a key component which is usually overlooked by most of the marketers.

Also, remember that the best way to successfully increase leads on your Facebook is to add up a value proposition for customers as well as leads, incorporate constant messaging and use quality, colorful & relevant images reflecting your business.

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