LinkedIn is the best place where B2B marketers make their business promotion. This is the social media platform where millions of professionals get connected together.

Now, are you a B2B marketer?

Searching the ways to build a strong network in the professional community?

LinkedIn is generating 80% of the leads for the B2B marketers and now it is your turn to grab the chances. Read the article throughout the end to reveal the best policies to grow stronger in the LinkedIn professional network and promote your business.

The first thing to do on the LinkedIn is to:

know who would be better to get connected

You have to monitor your connection. Some people say that you had to maintain a good profile. So, you cannot accept all the invitations you get on LinkedIn. Whereas, some people say that it is better to accept the request as many as you can. So that, you can say that you are active on LinkedIn.

But, I would say that we have to follow both of them with some insights. Among them,

#1 Know the spam profiles

You should not get connected to the spam profiles. They will degrade the quality of your profile. Here are some tips to identify the spam profiles. Just go through the profile.

  1. Spammers keep no profile pics.
  2. If not, they use fake photos of attractive men or women.
  3. Instead of their name, they use a company name and its logo as profile pic.
  4. Give very limited information about themselves.

If you find these qualities in the profile, do not accept the invitation.


#2 Get connected with known people

You would have known the email ids of your friends and colleagues and other people whom you know well. Just invite them all to connect with you. Later through them, get connected to their connections who seem useful for your business.


#3 Promote through other medium

Attach the link for your LinkedIn profile wherever possible. Mainly, on your official webpages. This is the way how you can increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile.

You can also post it on your other social network accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

The second strategy you have to follow is to

drive traffic with more effective content

Posting content on the social media is the main thing you have to concentrate more on. This is the crucial factor that decides your performance on the network. This includes the elements like how many times you post on the network and how quality content you are posting. You have to post regularly. At least, once a week. If you post daily, then it would be too good.

But remember, posting frequently does not means to post spam. If you do not have any content to post, keep quiet. Do not make your audience get distracted with your unwanted posts.

If you post useful content frequently, there are some benefits that you could get:

  1. You will be in the memory of your audience.
  2. You can get traffic get driven to your profile.
  3. Your professional engagement will be increased.
  4. Your content will turn your followers into your customers.



Network through the LinkedIn

A lot of consideration ought to be centered around getting more connections from LinkedIn. Next step is to create groups with the same number of those in your connections. Instructing substance will help them. We as of now experienced the advantages of content composing.

Here are a few tips to offer quality to your associations:

  1. Leave them an insightful remark on the posts they share.
  2. Share and like their posts.
  3. Send them direct messages approaching them for your help.

For networking, LinkedIn ‘groups’ is the best feature. You have to join the groups that seem related to your business or industry. And, you have to create groups as well. Invite the people who are all related to the industry. Make discussions and thought provoking campaigns in the group. This will show you as thought leader.



Get connected with the Influencers

This the last but very important thing to follow. Influencers are the popular and most active persons on a social network. They get a large number of follower on any social network. Following them is very good for you.

This can give you insights into the trends people are following. You can know why they are very popular on the social media and you can try the ways they follow. You can also get more connections and followers for your LinkedIn profile and company page.



With all said, you can make your own strategies to grow your influence on the professional network. But, for a business, it is important to maintain multiple LinkedIn accounts and managing a lot. They cannot do all the things. But thankfully, there are so many automation tools like SocioBoard and its InBoardPro.