Have you ever thought how you can use Instagram for your business?

If you are not aware of the features of Instagram for business, you are missing a great opportunity for a big promotion.

In this article, we share our knowledge on how you can leverage Instagram to make your brand famous.

Here, we are presenting just 4 simple methods that can catapult your business with a huge promotion all over the world. You can make it with just a button click. So, be ready to grab the chance.

#1 Instagram Contests – get more traffic

Running an Instagram photograph challenge will give your followers a motivation to check your Instagram business page daily. There are so many possibilities of running a contest. Just make a photograph that describes all the rules and regulations of the contest. Then after, launch the contest.


Ask your followers to post pics of them using your brand’s products. Or ask them to post a nice feature/cover image for your page. Or you can tell them to make a post for the day. Likewise, there are a million options to run a contest.

Offer prizes that make it worth their time and consider a week or month-long approach that requires day by day photograph sharing around particular topics. Cooperation is just about a surety.

#2 Instagram Videos – a nice way of storytelling

Videos are really a better option to promote your products. You see, generally, people are interested in multimedia content and that’s why they are on Instagram. Earlier, images are the outperforming content on any social media. But now, people are using high-speed internet. So, they can watch the videos with no interruption. Since then, videos started going viral.


Yes, it is. As per the survey reports, videos are getting a conversion rate of 71%. This is really a great thing for business promotion.

So, start making your own videos. But, wondering what kinda videos to post?

Don’t think too much. Just make the videos of complementing your earlier posts and products. That’s it. But make sure you are looking good in the videos. If you impress your audience, they will always follow your page.

Just 10 seconds of your performance will get you outstanding results. So, grab this chance.

#3 Instagram Ads – low-cost high value

Instagram now allows you business guys to post your ads. This is really a good news for you, isn’t it? Then, why late? Start focusing on Instagram Ads. Just  like any other social media network, Instagram also gives you a chance to set your budget you can afford.


Moreover, this allows you audience targeting. Yes, you can focus on your targeted users and reach them directly with the Instagram Ad services.

Just a minute. Before going to post ads, give it a thought whether your content is understandable for the users. When it is in heavy business jargon, people cannot understand you and they will just ignore you. So, use the simple language. Give general descriptions of your products. Touch the daily needs of the users. Tell your customers, how they cannot avoid your products. Just intrigue them with your words.

#4 Appealing Photos – Appealing Traffic

Tell me one thing, who will be on Instagram?

Obviously, the photo-lovers only, right? So, how come we are leaving it.

Just know the pulse of your audience. Do a research on what kind of photos do your targeted users love. And then, start posting such images on your page.


It is not necessary you always post about your brand. Remember, we are using Instagram just to gain followers for your page and therefore, drive traffic to your website. When it is about gaining followers, you have to focus on interesting content. Be it your brand updates or industry related topics or funny comics. Whatever it is, just make it impressive.

When users find your posts interesting, they proceed a step forward and land on your web pages. And this is what we are expecting Instagram to bring for you.

Final word:

On account of its rising engagement rates and general fame, Instagram can go far toward improving a brand’s promotion endeavors. Have a go at actualizing the thoughts above and taking your digital advertising procedure to the following level. Use the tactics and make sure you are making a huge promotion for your business.

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