With years passing by, the development in IT industries has been revolutionized at a brisk pace. Thereby forcing digital marketers to adapt to new and unique techniques to upgrade their strategies.

As the world is getting more and more developed, needs of an individual also tend to change time to time. So the marketers also need to come up with certain new and innovative ideas to sustainably meet the demands of every customer they possess.

With the over-hyped usage of several types of applications and introduction of new platforms, people nowadays are always looking for something new. This hereby calls for a totally modified marketing strategy which can act as a game changer for the marketer to stay active in the market and not diminish away.


Hereby are certain astonishing facts that have revolutionized the social marketing industry:

  • Offering Real Time Engagements:

From its advent, Social media have seemingly  thrived on real-time engagements. But with years passing by it’s responding window seems to be getting shorter. Over time many customers have come up with complaints regarding their unanswered queries and how unresponsive companies are getting.


Thereby marketers need to be more cautious and offer faster responses, because if they won’t any of their competitors will. This can be effectively implemented through proper usage of advanced automation tools for various platforms.

  • Social Shopping:

It’s been said that; the more engaged your customers are the more are your sales. This is the key to social commerce also termed as social shopping. Thus we have seen how important the social media can be when it comes to influencing any buyers shopping decisions.


Compelling to all these various actions have been lately taken into concern such as:

  • Introduction Of 360 ads by Facebook & YouTube.
  • Pinterest now comes along with a ‘Buy It’ option.
  • Twitter now seemingly offers an buy option to its users.

News about Facebook working separately on buying option has also surfaced. Thus everyone is getting more and more focused on their upcoming aspects.

  • Rise Of Livestream :

E-commerce and faster responses aren’t the only things that creating a buzz. With increasing user demands for more instantly accessible media, Live streaming videos are the new next big thing corresponding to social media marketing.


Various social media platforms have already enabled the usage of such applications thanks to Periscope and Meerkat which profoundly took the internet by storm. And with Facebook’s Livestream feature on the go, the bonanza seems to have doubled.

  • Return Of The Organic Content:

With mediums changing time to  time we have encountered that there has been a massive shift from text to media.


But did that make bring forth any change in visibility? With more constructing their business, one has to think more carefully about their content management and syndication, utilising alternative ways to reach out to the mass.


Thereby with changing time and advancement of technology, scheduling of your posts in advance and making announcements retroactively won’t be enough to guide your business to glory. I don’t proclaim to have provided you all necessary insights. However, these are certainly about what is going on around digital marketing world and essential to keep track of. It is now up to you to research more and do what is necessary to be done.

Thus if my post benefits you in any way, do let me know through your comments and reviews in the comment section below.