Are you searched 9 yards to find out few ways to turn your social media followers into customers?

Have you ever considered Twitter ad campaigns for your business?

As a marketer, you really want to know “how to make a profit from those social conversations”, where as marketers love to get engage with people on Twitter. Twitter ads are a surefire way to do that.

With this post, you’ll explore three key ways to build a successful Twitter ads campaign for your business.

#1: Select a Campaign

Twitter Campaign

The first and foremost important question you need to ask yourself is “what do you want to get out of it?” before jumping into a Twitter ad campaign. The question is pretty obvious because choosing a Campaign as per your desire goal will lead you achieve your utmost outcomes from it.

There are few different Twitter marketing products you can use and perform each work differently. Depending on your desired goals, some of them might be the best fit for you than others.


Everyone wants to get more followers for their business and most of the time it’s a tricky task to perform, but it’s really easy than you think. Use clear advertisement copy that specifies what you want individual to do (follow you), and spell out the best benefit you’ll be providing in exchange.

Are you offering great discounts and deals?

Are you offering any special promotions, followers?

Whatever profit you’re offering, let individual know about it!

2. Conversions or Website Clicks

If you want to drive more visitors to your site? Using tools to do better twitter marketing conversions is just what you need for your business. I personally like to use Twtboardpro for my one because the feature of this Twitter marketing automation software took my heart way.

3. Tweet Engagements

Are you look to create more social buzz? If your business and brands goal is to drive next levels of social engagement and be a part of more engaging conversations, use a Twitter engagements campaign.

4. App Installs

As per a survey report, more than 80% people prefer to use twitter with their smartphone because of the mobility. Nowadays, individual want to stay connect with social media even when they are in GO. Mobile devices offer them a platform to do so. And engaging more customers you also need to stay active to respond back them. I also understand this necessity of social media and start using a mobile app to manage and maintain my Twitter accounts. Here are many twitter marketing and managing apps are available on Google store (for free). I prefer to use Tboardpro to manage and maintain my multiple twitter accounts.

5. Leads on Twitter

Are you want to grow your contacts database or you want to get a kick start on an upcoming product promotion?

The lead generation invitation is your friend. It’s simple to use, along with a customized viewers technique handpicks the absolute most competent fresh prospects for your business.

#2: Try to Target the Right Audience

Right audience

The following point you have to ask yourself is who have you been targeting? Which kind of individual would you like to target and achieve and what’s the easiest way to achieve that?

Based on your solution, you will find plenty of various ways to focus on individuals on Tweets.

Curiosity targeting is a superb method to relate genuinely to additional customers centered on their pursuits, also it could be helpful included in a larger targeting strategy. Using more than 350 curiosity groups to select from, it’s fairly no problem finding individuals who reveal pursuits along with you.

Keywords are another useful targeting filtration. You are able to get in touch with the folks utilizing or trying to find specific keywords. It’s an incredible way to determine what individuals have an interest in at that one second and react to these in a method.

Followers enable you to get in touch with individuals with comparable pursuits like a team, or even the fans of particular accounts. Make use of this targeting requirements when you wish to concentrate on the more online viewers.

#3: Optimize Your Twitter Ads Campaign

Optimize ad campaign

After you’ve launched your campaign, you want to make sure it’s working in the best way possible for you.

In short, it’s time to optimize!

There are three important tools to help you track your campaign.

1. Activity Dashboard

If you’re using any Twitter management tool then you might become across the dashboard to optimize Tweet Activity before? It’s totally packed with useful info, but it can be a bit overpowering at first. Here’re a few ways you can use this dashboard data to drag more followers and engagement for your website.

  • Follow your campaign performance on a monthly basis.

  • Track both your promoted and organic tweet engagements.

  • See tweets with it’s detailed metrics for them.

  • Sell all of your tweet-level information.

2. Track Conversion

If you’ve installed an internet site tag, you should use it to check out sales on each your larger campaign and at a person tweet level.

Therefore, what’s the purpose of monitoring sales and conversions?

It’s useful to evaluate your strategies and rapidly place what’s worked and what hasn’t. Therefore the next time about, you are able to perfect your strategy to get a greater performance.

3. Analytics

If you’re managing a mobile application campaign, you will get a lot of helpful factual statements about it using Mobile Applications Statistics. Obtain comprehensive statistics on application buys installs and openings.

You’ll also get comprehensive informative data on conversions using the numerous mobile dimension companions readily available for establishing mobile application conversion monitoring.


Ads campaign have a lot to provide for growing your online business, but if you’re feeling a little overpowered by all of the methods, don’t worry! There are many Twitter marketing automation tool that help you to launch a successful Twitter ad campaign.

Take a look at your business goals and think about how you use Twitter to achieve that. which type of audience you want to target for your business. Then once you confirm and running, don’t forget to scope your activity to optimize better results.

What are you thinking? Have you ever created any ad campaign for your Twitter? And if so, has your campaign helped you to grow your business? I’d love to get your experiences and thoughts.

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