Tips for a great Social Media presence2

Does your brand or company have a good presence on social media? Do you have a proper social strategy to drive your social posts every day? No matter what your answer is, these 3 tips can help you to better engage more audience with your organization.

Get on their Schedule – Market Square Approach


Writing and posting at the right time over different social media platform demands lots of time and efforts. Timeliness and relevance are something that can’t be ignored at any cost.

Certainly, proper timing is everything on societal, irrespective of your business niche. Consider your different social media platforms as a market square, where all the store-fronts make noisy statements all over the day for 24/7 to market their business. Can you imagine of announcing in a complete empty plaza? No way! You would like to speak to your target audience when they are mostly active to interact with you.

Don’t only rely on some dated social figures or metrics— today there are lots of social media tools such as SocioBoard Core that helps to analyze your followers and provide you actual data which are beneficial when used properly. Analyze your level of engagement with users against the data and know what time will be helpful for you to post or schedule post.

Get on their Level – Data Focused Messaging


Do not you think it’s great when your audience interact with you in a manner or tone that’s totally confusing or misguiding? Oh, don’t you? Well, your fans or followers won’t either. Undoubtedly, the quickest method to drive away your followers and lose user engagement is using posts or updates which are not even taken into consideration by your audience.

Sundry social media techniques are derailed by insufficient or improper user data/information or wrong analysis of it. Knowing who your customers is the initial and most crucial thing to do for developing a significant and effective social technique— and messaging technique. You should check and know who your target audiences are or whom you want to spread your message before writing for your social media. Craft your message according to the audience you are targeting. Doing this can help you get effective results. It’s fruitful talking to people considerately.

Get Balanced – Social Media Contract Theory


The “follows” or “likes” of social media are similar to small promised relationships – but the conditions are unexpressed. Consider a contractual relationship you could possibly be in – there’s constantly a give and take, a hope as well as a worth trade. Social media is also alike. People follow other people (business, brands, people, etc.) to know or get something worth, and in turn, they are providing one of the more precious things they may – a sincere line of interaction into their lifestyles. As a company, you must be familiar with this unsaid contract, as this will help you get and enjoy the most of on any social media platform.

Proper balance is the key to steering your relationship with your audience. If you’re constantly creating lots of original, informative contents for your followers and audience, don’t simply blast promotional stuff on them. Having a proper, well-organized posting strategy offering helpful insights to your audience and followers, important articles and value- complements no less than 3 times more than advertising of your own business. People don’t always like seeing promotional stuff, offer them something informative and relevant that will benefit or simplify their some problem. Using this posting strategy can help you grow your follower’s size and engagement as well. You can use SocioBoard Core to schedule your posts in different social media and can make a strategy to post 80% informative and 20% promotional content. Remember not to forget 80/20 rule, it really works!!!

WARNING: Don’t take social media strategy blindly. Every social following is valuable, unique, and are worthy to be experienced, for getting maximum results. Use these 3 tips to experience a high-performance social media strategy.

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