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Are you desiring for increasing your Facebook community size to benefit your business? Or looking out for ways to head off the costly Facebook ads?

If you want to develop strong relationships with other people of your industry and niche, your Facebook page can assist you in growing it even without anymore advertising in Facebook.

In this post, you can find out three ways that can help you in growing your Facebook fan base with no more expending your bucks.

1. Guest Curate for Other Facebook Pages

For networking with other people belonging to your industry or niche, curating content for their pages is one of the best ways to do so. Not only it will help you to network with them, but also it will you to increase your reach and visibility as well.

Select approx. 5 to 10 successful running Facebook pages of companies offering similar services as that of yours since they are sharing your target audience. Your experience and skills can give real value for their fans. Properly curate contents for them at least one in a week in return for recognition on their Facebook page.

For instance, every week on a particular day say “Thursday”, you can be a guest curator on someone’s page, curating content and sharing interesting, fresh and relevant articles for their audience. You can include a link of your company’s official Facebook page, as this will help you to get more Facebook likes certainly.

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For getting started, firstly shortlist your targeted Facebook pages, then send each of them a message offering to curate quality content for them under particular category weekly. It depends on you how often you want to curate content, you can opt for curating it once or twice in a month as well.

A Golden Rule:

More is the exposure, quicker will be the result!

The Facebook pages you select must acknowledge the opportunity to set up their content and bring down some of the pressure away from posting. Keep in mind that, the Facebook pages you are reaching out should be complementary, not your competitors. Any competitor won’t ever let you have space in their Facebook page for promoting yourself.

2. Look for Promotional Swaps

Look for and list approx. 40- 50 Facebook pages that are offering products, services or communities as that of yours. As above, such complementary Facebook pages probably will be sharing your target audience, so it can be helpful for you.

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Once shortlisting the list of good Facebook pages, send them an impressive message, portraying briefly about yourself and also your Facebook status (like the total number of page likes, engagement, etc.). Tell them that you’ll share their Facebook page with your fans and followers on a Facebook update if they’ll share yours in return.

Once reaching an agreement, start sharing your cross-promotional posts smartly. Properly track results to know about the partners who’re good to work with in the coming future.

Point to Note: For making this strategy work for you, it’s better to initiate with at least 2k to 3k likes on your page, and if you don’t have much number of fans on your page, it’s better to reach out to your e-mail list. You can also try low-cost Facebook ad campaign for increasing your fan base quickly. You can easily grow your Facebook reach.

3: Organize Q and A Sessions, But With a Twist

When Facebook unveiled the Reply selection, organizing a Q Plus A turned a bit more exciting.


Invite different professionals and gurus in your industry to answer questions on your official Facebook page and rally people to come on and ask issues instantly. You fans and followers can also ask queries and interviewees can respond inline, turning the Q and A an easy to follow activity.

To get the most traction for a professional interview, don’t count only on promoting it via status updates, although you must do this also. Launch a Facebook event. It’s easier and much more obvious for Facebook users to instantly share and also invite their friends to an event which looks them as fascinating or interesting.


Initially, send a request to a specialist or even a celeb related to your field. Ask if they are interested in involving in a Facebook Q & A on your Facebook page.

When your guest is secured, introduce an event and begin promoting that event to your fans and followers. Ask people for liking your Facebook page and sharing the event, make it a part of your invite. Also, announce the event on your official Facebook page, share it in your Facebook account as well. Add a link, pin it to the topmost of your Facebook page, so that more and more people can see and know about your event.

For getting maximum benefit, update the cover photo of your Facebook page with a picture of your guest and important event details.

Promote and share about the event on Facebook and also on other social networking platforms, share it with your email list and start promoting it in all the related Facebook groups and pages. Before posting on any other Facebook groups, check out the guidelines if any.

Final Wrap Up

Though there is no such magic way yet for increasing your numbers of organic likes on your Facebook page instantly or over a night, but still there are ample of strategies and ways that can be tried for growing your audience in Facebook.

Be patient. Be smart. Be Savvy. Use the above-mentioned tactics to your Facebook marketing plan. And certainly your fans will follow. These techniques will surely help you grow your Facebook fans and followers without investing any more bucks, and certainly help you growing your business.

So, What do you think about these strategies? Did you saw an increase on your Facebook page’s audience? Did these 3 ways worked out well for you? What no-cost strategies you have used for increasing your Facebook fans and number of likes? Please share your views and any recommendations in the comment section below.

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