Social media are the amazing helping hands and a valuable tool for all the entrepreneurs who are looking forward to market their business. However, when it’s about choosing and using a social media platform, less is more.

Most entrepreneurs often think that marketing their business on each social media platform will shoot up their business development and, eventually making lots of money for them. But, in reality it’ll surely make them fail— consider inactive accounts, boring content and, moreover, severed customers.

More Options, Less Time


Many of the Internet-savvy people can possibly name minimum 4 to 5 social media they know and few can probably name up to 10. Remember, the customers are not always using all the social media networks constantly. They’re also busy just like you. The time they have, they want to spend it in getting relevant and informative things which will benefit them.

Entrepreneurs should unfailingly focus their all marketing efforts on the leading, popular social networks which their customers are using. You should select 3 or 4 social networks which will help you best in reaching your target customers, and for this you should ask some questions to yourself like—

#1: Who’s your target audience? How old are they? Are they male or female? In what they have interests? For sure, demographic groups play a vital role to drift toward specific social media platforms.

#2: What kind of promotional stuff are you creating? Pick the social media according to your business or interest. For instance— if you focus on brevity, Twitter is perfect for you. If you’re a photographer or own an online fashion store and want to flaunt your catalogue worldwide, Instagram is for you! The main point is, pick social media which best suits your business or brand.

#3: How often you deliver new and fresh content? Today, certainly social media users have some hopes of seeing new content, but from time to time. Like Facebook and Twitter users, can expect or want to get more updates frequently than the YouTube users. Make sure to commit and maintain a good, active social media presence in the social media platforms you choose. Knowing which platform is best for your business will let you have more time for creating quality, focused content and moreover, delivering it on some consistent basis which will make customers engaged to your business.

Optimizing your Accounts


Your business social media accounts should represent competency and professionalism. Your accounts should make the audience feel great about choosing to work or get engaged with you.

Getting this aim is not simple, because you need to do the work needed to get to understand more about your clients and create content that suits their demands. If you don’t create content that is relevant and informative to your audience, they will not read it and further will not engage with your business. You may even lose your potential customers and an unorganized, pressurized social networking strategy that overlooks the tag will probably frighten audience away and several inactive accounts could possess the same result.

By emphasizing several social network activities, you will let yourself have enough time to develop a practical strategy to execute, engage with your audience, and most importantly proofread and spellcheck your content! You will have the ability to put more effort into fostering your social networking presence with unique, high-quality content, Search Engine Optimization and marketing.

Save Your Sanity


Being an entrepreneur, most of the time you’ll be quite busy. And, it’s very important for you to utilize every sec of yours to make the most of it for your business’s success. Successfully managing social media networks demands something much more than simply writing down some write-ups once a week and clicking the mouse a few times. Managing social media properly demands a lot of time and take in a lot of legwork.

You may think of hiring a professional social media manager to help you. But today you can even try a social media management tool like SocioBoard Core, which saves your lots of time from regularly updating your accounts.

SocioBoard Core: SocioBoard Core is leading “Open-Source Social Media Analytics, Management, and Reporting platform which efficiently supports around nine social media networks. It assists businesses and brands for understanding social media in a better way and uses its real power to benefit their business.


In either way, you are not giving yourself an ulcer – or breaking your budget in trying to manage a group of different accounts that your potential customers even not reading!

So, it’s better to use 3-4 social media platforms and do a proper research as it’ll help you skyrocket your business for all the coming years.

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