For most of the entrepreneurs, social media marketing is like ‘all the rage’, a transient yet the influential rage that must be used to its fullest while it’s still in the spotlight. For others, it may be simply a buzzword with no realistic benefits and a precipitous, complicated learning curve.

As social media emerged quickly, it has developed a strong reputation by some for being a passing branding interest, and therefore, an unhelpful one. However, the statistics show a different picture. In 2014, more than 92% of marketers agreed that for their business social media marketing is very crucial and also 80% of them signaling that their efforts boosted organic traffic to their sites. Whereas, as per the reports of the Social Media blogs, approx. 97% marketers are using social media, however, 85% of them are not aware of the best tools to be used for social media marketing. This means that social media marketing is efficient enough to help increase sales and revenue, but there is a scarcity of knowledge among people to achieve those results successfully.


Are you scratching your head to make a decision whether or not use social media for marketing? Undoubtedly, social media has become a vital part of all marketing programs. Here are the top three reasons that’ll tell to why social media must be a key marketing tool in your strategy-

#1: It Builds Communities

When social media used correctly, it not only help in building your brand but will take it to the next higher level in no time. Once building your brand, you can get connected to the larger crowd of the audience within a bigger community. Through social media, people who are interested in a brand, gets connected not only with that particular brand but also gets connected with each other. For instance- my elder brother has only 20 friends in Facebook, but he never misses a single update on Stock-Shares Facebook Page and thanks to social media, he is always getting what he needs and what he should know about the stock market. Writing relevant, quality contents and engaging posts makes social one of the must-have tools in the arsenal of the marketers.


It fascinates users into the fancying embrace of a social community larger than themselves and thus making them more prone to get engaged with the brands in terms of buying/using.

#2: It is Like a Microscope into the Petri Dish of Customer Feedback

For customers, social media is the only platform to express themselves whether compliment or complaints. Using social media, businesses can directly communicate with the customers. With the help of proper monitoring tactics, brands can easily keep an eye on their mentions and respond back quickly in real time – making necessary modifications or just letting their customers know that they are being listened and cared.


Today, brand image and reputation is everything, and social media helps the marketers and business owners hit into sentiment which otherwise they may not get to see and smartly convert all the brand haters into the happy brand celebrators.

#3: It Expands Brand and Customer Reach

Imagine you’re handling the Instagram for your brand, sharing outstanding pictures, posting great content, the works. Someone is looking for the Instagram feed of users they’re following to get some new great content for their ‘fashion’ event. They come across a post which one of the people they’re following has liked and shared the post which was posted by you, the one that shows your brand of fashion accessories services.


You draw their interest, they liked the post that caught their attention, and thus they can turn as your customer. This is the real magical power of using the social networks. You can never guess who you can reach by using social networks as an effective marketing tool, which can ultimately help you in attracting lots of customers to the brand that may never have come your way otherwise!


The longer you’ll wait, the more you can lose out. Social media marketing, when done correctly, can generate more traffic, more customers, and more conversions, and it’s all here to stay. It’s just the starting of why social media can be the axiomatic nail hammer in the marketing tool box – in simple words, a must-have tool that you can’t go without at any cost.

Do you have any other ideas or tips for why social media is really your go-to marketing tool? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments!