Are you noticing a fall in your Twitter followers? Usually, those users and brands are unfollowed by the other users when they no longer want to see any more Tweets in their home timeline from that person. Unquestionably, Twitter is quite a noisy place. You’re experiencing decline in the follower numbers because maybe you’re committing one of the following common errors:

1. You forgot the 80/20 rule


With whom you would like to follow— one who is arrogant and self-interested or the one who is interesting and informational?

Loving someone who is extremely self-promotional on the social platform can be quite hard! It’s acceptable to tweet stuff about yourself or self-promotional periodically, but it’s not recommendable to make your stream look like RSS feed of a blog!

A golden rule for social media is— Mostly talk about the stuff that matter to your customers or audience, after that talk a bit about yourself.

Generally, 80-20 rule suggests posting of contents that are informational, engaging, and moreover relevant for 80% of the time, while call-to-action, brand-centric content only for the rest 20% of the time. This ratio will help you keep your audience happily engaged with your social media presence whereas marketing your brand and enhancing sales at the same time in such a way which will not make the account look like a digital salesman.

You can follow 80-20 rule by—

Follow influencers, and know what they find noteworthy, exciting.

Share interesting, informative content with your own followers, and make efforts to connect to them and make them engage with your brand.

Engage with your influencers so it encourages them to share your contents with their network.

2. Cat got your tongue?


For sure, Twitter is very active platform and its users manage to look through their timelines every so often. It’s quite similar listening to the radio in the background, instead of tuning in for each single song. Unluckily, if you’ll not regularly tweet for your followers, the followers may not see you regularly and it may happen that they’ll not ignore you the next time.

A research recommended, “Tweet regularly, but not in bursts.” Because tweeting in burst many make people think it as spamming their Twitter feeds, and will ultimately make you lose your valuable followers. But, tweeting at some scheduled time and moreover, relevant, informative tweet will make you visible among your followers because it’s all about being visible!

But, how you to decide the right posting schedule? There are several research done on the social media posting frequency. It’s all about trial and error to achieve the right balance.

TwtBoardPro is an open source Twitter marketing software that helps to schedule and automate tweets besides managing the multiple numbers of Twitter accounts. So, if you’re busy and can’t tweet at times when your followers are mostly active, using this tool can be a savior for you!

3. I haven’t made out from you, so I simply moved on


Ensure you check your Twitter accounts regularly to respond to @mentions, shout-outs, direct messages, and retweets. It’s not cool to blast out tweets and never engage the people who respond to them.

Maybe you’re planning out for vacations, but remember not to drop off the grid and vanish for weeks or even days. You can take the assistance of TwtBoardPro in such situations. You should try engaging with your users more and unfailingly give a response to them every time they ask or comment something.

Bonus Tip: Taking the assistance of an efficient social media scheduling tool for scheduling and automating Tweets can be a great way to make your path easier towards success.  It will assist you in spacing out your important updates, offer valuable engagement insights, data and schedule items efficiently for future postings so that you don’t become a slave to social media.


So, follow up the above advice and keep yourself safe from getting involved in such bad Twitter practices that drives away the valuable followers and make people think less of you.

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