A few minutes of exercise a day is enough to keep your body fit. Likewise, just with a few minutes of devotion you can keep your social media presence stronger.

Want to know how?

Well, here I’m telling you how you can strengthen your digital media activities using the SocioBoard tools, that too, working out for a short period each day.

What are the workouts you need to do?

Now, I’m going to make you do some six workouts with the SocioBoard tools that can keep your online presence fit. And, here you go:

#1 Track your brand mentions

People who are interested in your brand will sometimes mention your brand name in their posts. So, it is your first task to know the persons who mentioned your brand and thank them for that.

With the SocioBoard tools, you can discover the people who are contributing to the growth of your presence with their mentionings.


This is a good manner to thank the bloggers and the users who mention your brand name in their posts. With this, you can create a bond between you people.

Here are some templates for reaching out the people to say thanks.


As well as, respond in a positive manner for the negative mentionings. This is a chance to turn your brand from negative to positive talk. Offer solutions if they have any problems and apologize if needed.

#2 Analyze your performance

You need to know how your social media accounts are doing and what are the areas to be strengthened.  You can get all these statistics of your performance with the Reports feature of the SocioBoard.


These statistics include how many posts you have done in a period of time and what are the response for them. How many likes, shares and retweets etc you got can be known from these stats.

#3 Create groups to grow audience

Groups are the best alternatives to increase your audience count. You can target some specific users and invite them to join your groups.

When the people have found your brand interesting, they would definitely join in your group. This will be notified to their friends and soon the cycle will continue.

The Users and Groups feature in the SocioBoard will finish this task smoothly.


You can send messages to the users inviting them to join the group. If you use the scraping services, you can make this task more effectively. The SocioBoard tools will automatically make this task.

user and group

#4 Share impressive and important content

This is the important factor that influences your presence. You should be active in the social media and need to share updates of your brand. But, this does not mean to post only your business updates. You can share anything interesting that can create engagement with your audience.


With the social group feature of the SocioBoard, you can make this task impressive. Whenever you find a post interesting, you can post that on the social media with this feature. You can schedule your posts beforehand. This can save your time and efforts.

#5 Create engagement

On the landing page of the social groups, you can make user engagement. Just sent messages to all the groups members. You can send personal messages to the users. This can cause a strong bond between you.

socialgrpslanding page

You can tweet or post on the social media interestingly. Just post the content with call-to-action or giveaways or coupons. This can grab more eyeballs.

#6 Go for advanced features

You can upload your SocioBoard dashboard with advanced features. With these advanced features, you

  1. can manage multiple accounts in a large count
  2. can have the advanced features like scraping to know about your rivals and targeted users
  3. can get consistent real-time monitoring and many more.


Final word:

SocioBoard is the all-in-one tool that can manage all your social activities. By using the above-mentioned features and tips, you can strengthen your account as simple as a kids’ play. So, it is your part to play the game and get the results by the use of advanced features.