Month: March 2017

Social Media Automation- time saving job for a layman

In today’s generation we are so busy in social media, but now everything is going to change because now social media can be used for automation as well. Social media automation refers to the tools which can be used to automate the process of posting content on social networking and social bookmarking sites as well. The tools can be of either two types namely manual or semi-automated which are either commercial or paid versions of it. Here are the list of the automation tools which are helpful in regulating your business in social media and they are very much...

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How to Use E-Mails to Promote Your Business

The rapid growth of social media made numerous bloggers join the race in order to build twitter followers, LinkedIn connections and Facebook likes to grow people in social media. All these work well, offer an ultimate way for bloggers to gain attention, distribute and amplify their content.  As twitter, Facebook and other social media networks keep on altering the rules, bloggers implemented a novel strategy that would provide more control to them. That is nothing but the art of utilizing E-Mails to Promote Your Business.   Social marketing may the current trend now, but still, Email marketing is the...

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How can You Use Multiple-Image Posts on Instagram for a Fruitful Marketing?

As the primary business model is advertising on the platform, Facebook (the holding company of Instagram) has been focusing on features that give value to the marketers while providing more fun to the common users on Instagram. Very recently, It has introduced a major feature, Multiple-Image Posts. So now, users can share a maximum of 10 images at a time. With this new update, Instagram makes sure its platform becomes more expressive. At the same time, Instagram Marketers find it more useful for a fruitful marketing of their business on the platform. You too are an Instagram Marketer? Then,...

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