Month: December 2016

5 Better Video Practices for a Greater Holiday Outreach

The holiday season is on. This is the right time for small businesses to strengthen the relationship with customers. Be on the radar of your audience by being a bit more active on social media. Try making some simple videos wishing your customers a good luck or wishing another prosperous year ahead with your business. Warm wishes keep you always in remember. So here are the best ways possible for making attractive video content to make a better holiday outreach. Know What Your Message is First things first, you must be clear of the message you want to send...

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5 Best Video Creation Tools You can Use in 2017

The trend in Content Marketing will be Video content in 2017. The most consumed thing on social media will be Video in 2017. 80% of the Internet traffic will be occupied by Video content in 2017. Video… it’s really eating the digital world. Then, how about creating your own video creatives quickly and attractively? Here today, I’m going to suggest you five simple and superb video creation tools to give life to your imagination. Is it so Necessary to Create Videos? Obviously, yes. The reason is very simple. Just think about yourself. Don’t you prefer videos to images or...

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3 Mistakes of Audience Targeting to be Avoided in 2017

Are you following the right Audience Targeting strategies? In the process of reaching out your target audience, you are spending a lot. But most of the marketers are not sure if each and every dollar they spend is giving the worthy results. You might be thinking that everything is okay with your targeting strategies, but I’m definitely not. Why am I not sure? As per the industry experts, most of the marketers are making several mistakes with their audience targeting. Especially, there are three mistakes that are resulting in most of the dollars you spend go down the drain....

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Top Video Marketing Trends for 2017

Social media is always in huge flux, and the biggest shift right now in social media is video. Yes, it’s true because 2016 is considered as the year of video marketing. The advance in improved mobile technology has allowed a widespread video consumption which is constantly available at any time. Of course, video content is not new but it’s undoubtedly growing and will continue to expand its wings in 2017. The following are the video trends that can surely be predicted: The Rise of 360-Degree Videos 360-Degree video is similar to 360-Degree images. It offers viewers a chance to...

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