Month: November 2016

What are the Best Practices for Affiliate Marketing on Social Media?

Affiliate Marketing on social media reaches new heights. How far are you successful in it? There are a million ways of making money online. Among them all, Affiliation is one of the best ways. The level of competition for getting an ad space on social media is too high today. So in the process of reaching more targeted audiences and getting more conversions, businesses are looking at affiliate marketers on social media. Affiliates, you might be promoting products on your blogs only. And now, it’s time to make it on social media. To help you in this matter, We...

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Social Media Trends That will Dominate in 2017

Social Media is with us just over a decade and it will leave forever. When I first started using Facebook I was just thinking that how the big world stored in a single site. The Facebook platform helps you to connect with people whom you will never meet or people who are close to you. This is same with all other social network like Twitter, Instagram, and much more. This intersection of people and technology was resonating with our tribal and creativity. And social network becomes more viral among the people when the mobile phone is added to the...

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5 Must-Measure Social Media Metrics

Social media marketing – this is all about promoting the business as much as we can. The ultimate goal is to reach everyone who would be your customers if convinced by your content and to reinforce the relations. The name itself indicates that you ought to focus on the social networks that your potential targeted users are having fun on. We implement various paid and organic marketing strategies that help us reaching millions of targeted users. However, we should know the performance of our implementations in order to move forward in the game. Here comes the point of social...

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5 Things to Remember in the Upcoming Year of Millennials, 2017?

Around 25.5% of the global population are Millennials. These people are skeptical customers, unemployed, budget conscious. This is an old talk. As per experts, most of the millennials are going to start earning, moving to new positions and become the potential customers for many businesses in 2017. In a way, the year is predicted as the year of Millennials. So marketers, if yours is a business mostly for millennials, you ought to hone your marketing strategies for the next year. Here today, we are sharing the ultimate tips for making a profitable millennial marketing in 2017. Take a look:...

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Alert: Are You Making These Serious Mistakes in Social Media Marketing?

It’s a well-known fact that social media marketing earns great ROI for a business. This is why most of the marketers are very much interested in SMM campaigns. Wait! Is it not working well for you? Then you must be making any or several of these serious mistakes in your social media marketing. What are the Ascetic Mistakes? 1. Blasting out Your Ads only Well, you might be thinking that social media marketing is meant for posting your ads on social media and getting conversions. But, this all is not about advertising. It deals with engagement too, which comes...

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