Month: September 2016

How Facebook’s Addition of ‘Live video’ Option to Desktop will Benefit Visual Ads?

Have you been more active on Facebook ? Are you getting the latest news about the features, Facebook’s planning to launch for users? Social media giant Facebook’s customization of its smartphone app with the ‘Live video‘ took the whole world by storm. This amazing feature allowed people to go live and share their feelings with their Facebook audiences. From a marketing perspective, Facebook’s latest feature was acting as a medium to nurture visual Ads With social media reaching new heights with its overgrowing engagements. Facebook has become one of the most popular social media platforms. Its popularity reached...

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3 Reasons to Go to Bangalore for Growth Hack Mastermind Meetup 2016

You’ve probably heard about Bangalore Digital Media Growth Hack Mastermind Meetup 2016. This is the second social media education summit of Socioboard. If you’re a digital marketer who wants to sharpen his skills, learn about digital growth hacks which are usually undocumented on the internet but get shared across only in such closed meetups, then pack your bag and get ready to attend a world class workshop, amazing gastronomy, education party – all in one of the India’s most beautiful cities, Bangalore. Need reasons to make the trip to Bangalore and join the Socioboard’s closed Meetup? Read on! In...

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Pinterest Takeovers InstaPaper- How will it affect Pinterest for businesses?

Is your business getting benefited being on Pinterest? Do you want more viewers to go through your articles? How about Pinterest helping your content curation processes more than ever? Have you heard of Pinterest planning to acquire Instapaper? Yes, you heard me right. Pinterest being one of the hottest social media sites offering a proper search and discovery platform. Seemed to be planning to bring in something more, something new for its users. Like, how about a read it later button? Won’t that be amazing? Surely with Pinterest acquiring Instapaper there are certain new features coming our way. In...

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Latest Updates on Facebook Slideshow Ads

Improved Slideshow Ads Slideshow ads are one of the popular ad formats on facebook. On slideshows, we use a photo collection to create a lightweight video. These ads are used around 200 countries in the world mostly in the areas where high-speed internet is unaffordable to see video ads. And around 50% of the marketers using slideshow ads haven’t used video ads ever before. These ads are more effective and engaging than the static images and these can be created with low budget and effort. So far, we couldn’t make creatives with music and text included. This was a...

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