Month: August 2016

Top 5 Mobile Marketing Trends Of 2016

With every year passing by we observe a noticeable shift in the field of social media marketing trends. Be it the rise of social media marketing campaigns or the rising importance of mobile marketing. In recent times, there are fewer things other than smartphones that have a deep impact upon customers. Business has been slowly and steadily adapting to this trend since 2015 with the introduction of mobile ads. Nowadays, marketers have become highly vigilant regarding this mobile marketing and have become more focused with their budgeting for mobile advertisements. Many even expected that things are going to be...

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Top 6 Content Marketing Trends Dominating Social Media

The basic utility of content marketing is to provide audiences with something they deserve. But with up rise of technology, over usage of social media, market paradigms tend to change now and then. This has lead to users having a change of their preferences. So, ‘what does your audience actually want?’ has become a tougher question to answer. And with social media’s procure usage marketing has become tougher than expected. As we see more companies entering the world of social media marketing, competing for a slice of that precious ROI pie. Experienced companies seem to push forward in finding...

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WhatsApp will Reveal Your Phone Number With Facebook for Target Ads

Whatsapp is secure messaging app and according to the policy of WhatsApp it doesn’t share their user’s data with anyone but few day back WhatsApp change it policy. WhatsApp will give its garduine company Facebook individual data including users’ telephone numbers, as a feature of arrangements to permit company to send messages to users. WhatsApp’s billion or more clients will be informed about change to its security policy from 25 August. users will have 30 days to choose whether to quit their data being utilized for advertising focusing on Facebook, however, won’t have the power to quit their information...

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What Marketers Need to Know about Facebook Page Design Changes?

Are you ready to update your Facebook page with new design? Want to know what changing? Get started, here you will learn how to get ready for the new Facebook page layout. Facebook introduced a new design for its page. In the new design we notice most of the changes in the Facebook public view page followed by small changes in admin view and offers a better overview of the information and page. So let us go in detail. The Old Design vs. the New Design The width of the cover photo has increased from 851 pixels to 1012...

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How To Use Visuals To Amplify Your Social Media Marketing Efforts?

Social media marketing have been lately at the peak of its glory. With the power of social in their fingertips, enormous organizations have been using it to target customers, reach out to the audiences and thus enhancing their business prowess. But have you ever thought how? Obviously through social media content and visual publishing. Contents are a rich source of information, hence is necessary to be added. But how visuals? Well, there is a saying ‘what words can’t express pictures might depict in a fraction of second‘. Similarly in this field too, visuals have been playing an important role...

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