Month: April 2016

Building Business Ideas That Makes You to Be successful: How to Enhance Your Ideas

Do you have an incredible thought for a business? Is there any new product that you to create? To find how to enhance your odds for achievement, let us go in detail.   More about social media business Social media marketing podcast is one of the most popular and also on demand topic in the present world. It is mainly designed to assist all the busy business and marketers owners in order to discover what actually works with the social media marketing.     In this show, you will learn about many new and innovative measures that will guide...

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How to Calm Down Angry Customers on Social Media

A research has reported out of 100 approx. 89% of customers will stop doing business with a company after receiving bad customer service. Is your business comes under that category? How does this happen? The answer is not so difficult if we have a keen look on our social media strategy. Customers are leaving those brands only which are not optimizing and fail to understand their needs. Any business owner doesn’t want his or her business to lose a customer because they fail to provide good customer service or deal with their complaint. If you’re one of them, then...

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What is the Effect of Messaging Apps on Social Media Marketing?

From the past few years, the use of the internet increased worldwide rapidly. It is obvious that the reason behind this is the emerged social media. Especially when Facebook had come into light and people tasted the fun in it, they started involving it in their lives. Since then, the entire online marketing was changed. Marketers found new methods and implemented new strategies. But now, it is time to change all the strategies. Yes, social media networking is changing. People are turning towards the Messaging apps and bots, which are also a part of the social media. Earlier, people...

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Interesting Facts About Social Media Platforms Which Rolls With New And Trending Features

Welcome to our blog of what new in social media. This blog makes you stay updated with all catchy and innovative social media updates, here are some of the latest and trendy news that will make you learn interesting and new things related to top social media platforms. What’s New? #1 Facebook is back with new daily video breakdowns   Recently Facebook added new daily breakdowns for video metrics. This is really a good news for all the page owners because it allows understanding when their users and audience videos and it also provides them a much detailed picture...

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