Month: March 2016

How to Avoid Social Media Automation Mistakes?

With the advancement in technology every designed created to make our lives easier, our dependence on technological resources for day-to-day task grows. Advance technological designed helps us to do things with greater efficiency, and when it comes to social media marketing, it’s natural to find a way to automate your efforts. Are you owning any kind of small business, social media automation tools are time as well as life savers for you. Because when you juggling your available times to grow your both business online and offline. However, depending too much on social automation tools can put you in...

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4 Steps to grow your LinkedIn network

LinkedIn is the best place where B2B marketers make their business promotion. This is the social media platform where millions of professionals get connected together. Now, are you a B2B marketer? Searching the ways to build a strong network in the professional community? LinkedIn is generating 80% of the leads for the B2B marketers and now it is your turn to grab the chances. Read the article throughout the end to reveal the best policies to grow stronger in the LinkedIn professional network and promote your business. The first thing to do on the LinkedIn is to: know who...

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Women Day Special: How Amalia Ulman From Nowhere Became an Instagram Celebrity?

“Find a rich man, wed his dad. “I just acknowledge apologising in money.” These announcements could be mistaken for mottos for our era of millennial microcelebrities: the young ladies (as they have a tendency to be) who wholeheartedly grasp web reputation in lieu of genuine fame. The craftsman Amalia Ulman was so captivated by popular society’s fixation on Instagram big names that, recently, she chose to wind up one. In April, she started concentrating on the profiles of the most well known “ghetto girls” and “sugar babies” on the web to take in their way of using content, hashtags,...

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How Twitter Marketing Is Useful For Female Entrepreneurs -Dessislava Bell, Founder Of Zaggora

London-based lifestyle brand Zaggora was founded by husband and wife team, Malcolm and Dessi Bell. In a year, the pair has sold more than 500,000 products worldwide, creating 90 jobs globally, all inspired by Dessi preparing for her wedding. Dessi discovered the idea when she was preparing for our wedding – she wanted to find a product that would help to shift a few stubborn pounds around her stomach and hips and the only thing that worked was wrapping cling film around herself.She came up with some prototypes and eventually found a material that worked – she produced 20...

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Women in Business: success stories of women who are in leadership position

Women’s liberation has battled no wars. It has murdered no adversaries. It has set up no inhumane imprisonments, starved no adversaries, and rehearsed no savageries. Its fights have been for instruction, for the vote, for better-working conditions, for security on the roads, for child care, for social welfare, for assault emergency focuses, ladies’ displaced people, changes in the law” – Catriona Pollard, writer, author, women activist. In spite of the destitution’s many women endure every day, next half of the 20 century for women has seen an incredible advance in three major areas – rights, education, and leadership. This...

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