Month: March 2016

How Facebook Is Gaining Video Offerings Using Video Altering App MSQRD?

Most of you must have used Snapchat’s Lenses offering face-altering. Lenses are graphic layers that can convert you into a flaming skull, a lizard, an animal or anything else. There are a diverse number of horrifying and funny pictures that can swap onto your selfie images or videos. The most popular features of Snapchat is considered as Lenses, the company reveals that this feature is being used by more than 10 million snaps each day. Lenses seem to be widespread, with this, the company is going to open a lens store in November where their users can buy their...

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7 Mistakes You Need To Avoid With Instagram Marketing

Being a fairly new platform on the marketing scene, there are a lot of businesses not sure why their posts aren’t getting them more followers and engagement that translates into sales. Since I run the Instagram account for my business, I’m active on Instagram every day to check out the latest news feeds of small businesses, handmade brands, and indie entrepreneur’s trying to increase their social media marketing businesses. As a fairly new social media marketing platform on the marketing scene, there are a lot of online businesses not sure why their social media posts aren’t getting them more...

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6 Social Media Inclinations that’ll help you Outline Your Marketing and Advertising Strategy in 2016

5 years before vendors like you were possibly still annoying to make sagacity out of social media. Facebook is one of the social media network with its striking growth with more than 320 million active users was challenging to ignore. You may be merged the social colossal and other social networks with overwhelming growth numbers into your own marketing strategy. But it is the somewhat tough task to dedicate all your time to online social network. Google was still one of the behemoths of driving all the website traffic and also the most wellspring of all of them. You...

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a complete guide on Facebook business manager

Have your ever tried using Facebook Business Manager for your business? Want to maintain your business accounts safe and secure? If you say yes, then you must go through the article to learn how to manage your business pages and ad accounts safely and securely with the help of Business Manager. Facebook Business Manager — But Why? The best motivation to utilize Business Manager is to keep you concentrated on your work. When you sign into Business Manager, you’re taken straightforwardly to your business resources on Facebook. From that point, you can get to your pages, Ads Manager, Power...

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5 growth hacks to boost your startup in 2016

According to the GEM Global report, every second 3 new businesses are launched i.e 100 million businesses every year. As the Google’s SEO algorithm is becoming smarter day by day, you have to keep more efforts to scale your website in the search engine. But still, there is a cost-effective methodology to scale the traffic to your website. Want to know that? Well, the methodology used is the Growth Hacking. Just go through the article to know how you can use the method to skyrocket your business. Here, we are giving you just 5 strategies in growth hacking that...

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