Day: March 3, 2016

8 Cool Ways to Create an Effective Instagram Bio

Are you new to Instagram..!!!? Want to create more interaction, more engagement, more reach, and more sales for business website…?? Then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will discuss a step-by-step process of creating an EFFECTIVE INSTAGRAM BIO! The following steps will help you in creating a bio for your Instagram that can boost your business and help you to speak directly to your targeted audience. Let’s have a look at the structure of your Instagram profile that includes your bio and the other details it should possess. 1. Get consistent with your name...

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Why Small Business Can’t Ignore Social Networking?

Social media can be an exceptionally effective marketing channel, but it can also be a terrific time sink for brands and organizations who’re focusing on the wrong priorities. Social networks are now holding a place beside the print and broadcast as a leading, essential marketing medium for businesses. Additionally, the social media platforms now should be considered as the same standard as those channels and the social media ROI should necessarily contribute to your bottom line. Usually, most of the marketers are making blunders of monitoring their Facebook followers, likes, retweets and some other common social media data, but...

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How variety of posts perform on Facebook ?

Have you ever wondered what would be the better practices for facebook posts? want to know how different posts would do for your business page? Here in this article, we are presenting an analysis of the performance of the variety facebook posts. The aspects of posts discussed here include posting with a hiatus, using a facebook post scheduler, posting with visual content, use links in posts, include personal profiles in your business page, status updates etc. So, here we start: Hiatus in posting When I was an active user on facebook, my posts reach the number of users. But,...

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Custom Emoji: How Will Twitter Advertising Shape Up in 2016?

I’m sure that your jaw dropped out when you get aware of the advertisement revenue detail of Twitter. Twitter raked in $710 million in advertising revenue without getting any significant increment in its active users was recorded last quarter. Then how the platform gets a 48% increment in advertising revenue. Twitter has set the ball rolling with mega Super Bowl schemes as the advertising stakes in the social media space are really high for 2016. Rather than running a $10 million TV ad, big brands prefer to do shopping for Twitter’s $1 million worth sponsored emojis. This amazing strategy...

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