Day: March 2, 2016

7 Ways to Enhance Your Business Using Instagram

  Instagram is the popular photo sharing website that has earned its presence in the past few years. While it seems like it exists solely for fashion and beauty images with the occasional funny meme, don’t be misled. Business marketing does, in fact, have a valid place on Instagram. Especially when browsing the internet, many people are more receptive to images than they are to typed content, because it’s easier and less time-consuming to process. Making use of Instagram can have a meaningfully positive impact on your business, as long as you’re doing it the right way. In this...

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How can You Leverage the Twitter Location Services to Connect with Local Users?

Want to connect with your local customers? Just go through this article to know how you can leverage twitter to get connected with the local users. Here we are presenting 3 simple yet effective ways to connect with your targeted users. #1 Include your location data in the tweets Generally, your location feature will be set disabled by default. So, you need to turn it on. To turn it on, you just compose a tweet and click on the location disabled. Then, you can find a pop-up asking you to turn the Location on. With this feature, you can...

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10 Social Media Etiquette Rules Not to Break

Engagement is one of the most evocative metrics on social media, nowadays. It doesn’t matter that how many Twitter followers or Facebook likes you’ve got. If they’re not engaged with your brand, your ROI is probably MIA. Unfortunately, some social media marketers get so engrossed on increasing social engagement that they can come off as a bit offensive. To make substances worse, what’s offensive on social media changes fast, simply because its changes fast. So what’s a social media marketer to do? Well, one golden rule to start: Listen More Than You Talk. As smart marketers, you need to...

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How can SocioBoard Boost Up Your Social Media Presence?

A few minutes of exercise a day is enough to keep your body fit. Likewise, just with a few minutes of devotion you can keep your social media presence stronger. Want to know how? Well, here I’m telling you how you can strengthen your digital media activities using the SocioBoard tools, that too, working out for a short period each day. What are the workouts you need to do? Now, I’m going to make you do some six workouts with the SocioBoard tools that can keep your online presence fit. And, here you go: #1 Track your brand mentions...

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10 Tweets to Grow your Business In 2016

If you’re managing a business and is constantly striving for acquiring a competitive advantage, it’s never too hard getting started on social media. Devoting few minutes every day with a hearty attitude, you can create robust brand awareness and visibility. Twitter is one of the easiest platforms to master, and probably your company is on Twitter! Twitter is among the most influential tools that can be used to enhance the business’s reach. With more than 400 million Tweets every day and 304 million active users, people are increasingly turning to twitter to bring them nearer to the things they...

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