Month: March 2016

5 Instagram Accounts That Are Shinning At Visual Content

Instagram has speedily become as one of the most prevalent social media platforms with more than 100 million of users. However the fact is, most of the businesses struggle in order to build their reputation in social media sites. It is exceptionally true if we consider visual marketing. The industries providing support like legal work, tech support, and accounting don’t always have fun. Whenever you start looking at unique people who present their company or brand as a message for customers’ solution slightly that a product then you will get to know how visual their company to the world. ...

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What would be the Impact of Instagram’s Feed Changes on Brands?

You may follow the regular updates from Instagram if you are using it for your business promotion. If so, you would know that Instagram had made changes in its order of feed. What do you think about the impact of these feed changes? Is it good or bad for the advertisers on Instagram? Here we are presenting the views of our experts. Have a look. The feed changes of Instagram will mean that its users’ timelines would not feature the most recent posts anymore and the most relevant instead. You might wonder why they had taken such decision. There...

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How to Market Your New Products on Instagram Successfully

When it’s about highlighting any newly launched product, some of the social networking platforms are extremely visually challenging than Instagram, making it a perfect place to flaunt all your latest arrivals to your customers and target audience. Here are some of the helpful tips for assisting you in determining what you should post when to post, and how you can make it reach to more crowd of people. Image Design and Quality The first but most crucial thing is that the image of your product should be of high quality and moreover clear. But, it doesn’t mean that you...

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4 Impressive Methods to Escalate Your Business on Instagram

Have you ever thought how you can use Instagram for your business? If you are not aware of the features of Instagram for business, you are missing a great opportunity for a big promotion. In this article, we share our knowledge on how you can leverage Instagram to make your brand famous. Here, we are presenting just 4 simple methods that can catapult your business with a huge promotion all over the world. You can make it with just a button click. So, be ready to grab the chance. #1 Instagram Contests – get more traffic Running an Instagram...

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A Complete Marketer Guide on Facebook Mobile Apps

Are you using Facebook for your marketing purposes? Want to take the help of the mobile apps? Come, here in this article, we are presenting the way how you can use the Facebook mobile apps. Mobile apps very much helpful in a business promotion that you can manage your promotions from anywhere. #1 pages manager app – manage your pages You can use the Facebook’s pages manager app for managing your business pages. This allows you to manage up to 50 pages and you can get this app for smartphones and tablets. With this app, you can do: Manage...

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