Month: September 2015

A Never Ending Marathon: Social Media Analytics

A lot of businesses are using social media today—about 94%, in fact. But are they using it well? And are they using it in the way that will benefit their company the most? Companies establish a profile on social media, and sometimes they even post regularly. But do they get any engagement? And if they do, what does it mean? How do you measure success on social media? Sadly, many companies go into social media without first establishing goals and clear messaging. This makes it nearly impossible to measure success. Being successful on social media requires a few items:...

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How You Can Spread Your Reach Using Twitter Accounts

Have you ever think, how you can increase your product viability using your digital media platform? Or how you can use your social media account to benefit your business. You may have heard about Twitter, one of the biggest and largest growing social media network. Just think how much your business will hike using such a large social media platform. With the use of plethora public updates, searchable bios and numerous third party tools. With the help of this you can able to cater a huge number of customers without any trouble. Fetching customers on twitter is a extremely...

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A Complete Guide to User Acquisition in Instagram

Having more than 300 million active users sharing over 70 million snaps and videos each and every day, Instagram is one of such social media platform that’s worth of getting the attention of any business owner. It’s very profitable for online as well as offline marketers, as Instagram recently announced that their services are now open for all the advertisers, as well as start exploring with the button ‘Shop Now’ build plugged right into the native Instagram app. If you want to understand the phenomenon of any social media platform, the best way is to simply dig in and...

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4 Ladders to Make Your Brand Successful

There are several of social networking platforms that have burst forth over the past few years and they all are amazing places to make your brand well-known. Using the appropriate Social Media Management and Monitoring platform, your cognizance will expand and this is by way of the automation and marketing tools made available by that specific platform. When it happens, potentials are targeted precisely and sales are started on via the sales funnel letting you step up a good base for expanding your business. Generating leads and creating effective brand awareness can only be attained when successful marketing strategies...

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