Month: September 2015

5 Maven Tips on Social Media Monitoring (and Why It’s Crucial)

Nowadays there’s no surprise in knowing that people are communicating directly with brands or organizations on social media more than ever before. In many ways, that’s strange news—it means more proximity in getting queries answered, encouraging brand awareness, and flaunting all the excellent things about your brand in front of the target audience. But it also means that there is much more going on that requirement to be monitored and analyzed. Why monitor your social media, you ask? It’s an important part of understanding who’s saying what about your brand, not to mention putting you in direct contact with...

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Is Social Media Marketing Worth Its Cost?

  Everyone’s heard the popular adage, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” meaning it’s impossible to get something for nothing. In the same way, there’s no such thing as free social media. For years, we’ve heard that social media is ‘free.’ While it’s true that there are no costs associated to actually setting up your social media accounts, using it in an effective way is far from being free. Social media has caused the biggest cultural shift in the way we communicate since email. It has revolutionized advertising, branding, and professional networking for businesses. More importantly, it...

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5 Reasons Why You Need SocioBoard Core: A Social Media Marketing Automation Tool

Marketing automation and tool isn’t a very new concept. However, it has been used to great effect in the most outdated forms of marketing for the past few years. SocioBoard have introduces brilliantly useful platform and the tool that is very much efficient in helping businesses to nurture, attract, and manage their leads through online marketing flows. However, in the past decade there was a significant shift away from traditional marketing methods to the social media. People now want to be more informed, sold and serviced to on their preferred channel meaning social media marketing is something that businesses...

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How to Automate Your Social Media Marketing Like the Pros

Have you ever heard words like “transparency” and “engagement” used to characterize social media so much that they’re maximally played out than a celebrity (Lady Gaga). Whatever adjectives you use to characterized it, letting your online presence shine through your business brand’s social media marketing account is crucial to its success. But there’s a division in social media – an ever-present cloud looming over our interactions and online relationships. The evolution of social technology has forced nameless corporations to become individual and empowered small organizations to achieve more audiences on social media like never before. However, as soon as...

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Social Media in B2B – The Latest Etats

The allure of social media marketing in B2B is growing quickly. Over three to four marketing teams (83%) B2B business now post on social media – an activity that consumes one-fourth of their time – and 775 expects to spend more time doing this over the next 1 year. In addition, just like a social media investor keenly observing their growing wealth portfolio, the ‘value’ of social media marketing in B2B increases, so too does the attention paid to optimize its performance. More than one-third (35%) of organizations now subscribe to a paid social media monitoring and managing platform....

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