Month: September 2015

Getting to Yes: 5 Social Media Marketing Automation Myths Debunked

Social media automation is actually a blessing, especially when you’re having trouble juggling all of your social accounts, and buckled regarding time. Instead of having so many benefits of automating your social media marketing campaign, still there are many people who strictly tip off against using it on the following grounds.  But here are some of the myths unrevealed about the social media automation, and why those myths don’t hold water. Myth 1: Automating Your Posts Ahead May Make Your Posts Inapt With the number of posts that are published on social media platforms, looking over the attention of...

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4 Influential Marketing System Automation Benefits

The marketing work of the company is starting with the sales team. The first and the foremost part of the plan is to generate leads. Right and proper leads can be easily converted into good future paying customers. This growth of marketing and maturation of the marketing campaign give rise to marketing system automation through email and via different social networking sites. This is basically done to promote the business and bri=ng the company product in the eyes of the people. One of the most preferred and liked manner of marketing system automation is through the e mail marketing,...

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Is Twitter Automation Bad?

Handling numbers of social media accounts can be extremely time-consuming. That’s why most of the companies having the resources easily available generally take assistance from the top social media management tool to reduce the load and burdensome. It’s a lot of engagement, research, and scheduling. That’s why a few people (particularly those who’re bootstrapping a business) must properly manage their social presence themselves. If you don’t know what you’re doing it can turn out to be a huge ordeal. This post is all about the Twitter automation, and it’s focused primarily on this social network because it is here...

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3 Tricks For Using LinkedIn For Marketing

Being a marketer, you will find a lot of ways to reach to your target audience to get a robust response and give a very good hike to your business. You may have heard about developing a huge follower in Twitter for use Facebook geo targetting to hit the target group of your business. If we speak about B2B marketing then all such techniques will not give the exact result as a marketer want for his business. For that purpose they need to divert towards some other routes, there is another social networking platform known as LinkedIn. A modern...

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#DataDriven Social Marketing on Instagram

Instagram having a giant, young user base and top profiles reaps more than 110 times the engagement of most-engaging profiles on Twitter, has ultimately turned into a best friend for all the social and digital marketers. Knowing how to effectively engage with the Instagram audiences has turned out to be the most crucial skill a social or digital marketer can learn in today’s time of tough competition. SocioBoard Core, world’s first open-source social media analytics, management and reporting platform supporting 9 social media platforms, is offering a magical tool for marketers they must have been looking for. We have...

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