Month: July 2015

4 Steps to Increase your Facebook Leads by 108% and More

Many of the marketers are still frustrated with the Facebook return on investment (ROI). If you’re working for a big company, improving your brand exposure and visibility can confirm the effort, time and money spent on the Facebook. Unluckily, small businesses don’t have that much power of spending bucks to just improve their online exposure and enhance brand perception. Small businesses require clear-cut consequences to confirm a good ROI from their every marketing dollar coming out of their hard-earned income and going to Facebook. How can you actually boost your revenue from Facebook, a social network giant? Here’s a...

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Using Social Media For Any Industry

If you’ve ever retrenched social media as not being related to your market or industry, you may wish to think again. It’s a human habit to suppose that social network work is best suited regarding sectors like travel, fun or retail, specifically with people working in the likes of Facebook after their hectic schedule in the office. Nevertheless, if you are working in the finance sector, you won’t desire to ignore it for much longer. A LinkedIn survey of more than 400 wealthy individuals has shown that 84% of mass affluent customers who control between £65,000 to £650,000 in...

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Prediction: Instagram Mobile Ad Sales to Surpass $2.81 Billion in 2017

A recent research has shown that by 2017, Instagram will surpass Twitter, Google, in US mobile show ad revenues. The research was completely focused on how much the advertisers are expected to spend on the social media platform. And the research found that before the end of 2015, Instagram can bring in $595 million in mobile ad revenues across the world. This year, a rapid hike can be seen in the ad revenues of Instagram, and during the forecast period- which is driven by great demand for the new ad products or social networks, which will spread out beyond...

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How Lifestyle Mags Are Killing it on Social?

Social media marketers increasingly look to do marketing their brand with social media to analyze the potential effect of even the most conventional media buys. You may think of publishing magazines as being as outdated as it gets. Moreover, a new report from Social Engagement Labs shows many women’s and men’s lifestyle mags have drives successfully to find their sociable sweet place. According to Bryan Segal, the respected CEO of engagement laboratories, “People nevertheless adore the contact and sense of printing publications. They’re nevertheless an excellent method, even when they’re past their zenith. Let’s enter in it, information continues...

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10 Ways to Use Social Media as a Networking Strategy

Are you looking to started with your social media networking strategy? Did you know what to endorse in it? Objectives and goals guide your social media networking strategy to assist you successfully connect with your audience. Social media’s value for brand-building, sales, and customer engagement is regularly discussed and consider. But one area that’s commonly overlooked is its inconceivable social networking ROI, especially for brooder who may eschew big, noisy skillful gatherings. As an author, business school professor, and consultant, here are few ways I’ve personally used social media networking to enhance my social media networking and build lasting...

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