There are times when you have a nice marketing strategy, a compelling content, yet you don’t succeed with your marketing endeavor. In that situation, you need a tool that can uplift your marketing strategy on its shoulder and help you cross the river.

Using an efficient tool helps you significantly and eases down the work from your shoulder. In this article, I introduce you the top 20 Twitter tools specialized in various functions. You can get the best-suited tool for yourself and get going with your marketing campaign.

Tools To Analyze

Twitter Analytics Dashboard

Twitter Provides every Twitter Account to get to know the entire demographic of their Twitter Account and Activity. One can easily know which is their most successful Tweet, Who are following you, monitor the performance of the Twitter Card. It’s quite quick, easy and immensely useful in getting the idea of your entire Twitter Activities.


SocioBoard Is one of the best social media analytics tool present in the market. It’s unique framework and ideas has made this as one of the best social media marketing tools. The sentimental analysis section is one of a kind. You can readily add context to your share and know what the audience feels about your posts and shares.


Tools To Competitive Analysis


This tool extensively gives you an idea on anyone’s Twitter activity that is Retweets, Tweets, Mentions, Hashtags, Replies etc. One can easily get entire insight on the accounts and followers that they follow on Twitter. is a simple and quick way to extract out data on a contender. You have to simply enter the Twitter handle of your rival, and you’ll get the entire insights on their Tweets, alongside other data like followers, following, and timezone.

Tools To Identify Leads


Audiense permits you to discover and create segmented crowd with the goal that you can target more impactful battles. You can track your battles and measure their achievement in Hootsuite. Audiense is accessible in Hootsuite. Download it from the Application directory and you can utilize it to track Twitter battles and measure achievement.


In case you’re searching for individuals, occasions, or places happening around your clients, then mentionmapp is an awesome device. Mentionmapp makes client revelation on Twitter simpler. You can penetrate down who your clients are conversing with (and who their clients are conversing with), permitting you to focus on your messages and contents accordingly.

Tools To Find Mentions

Twitter Dashboard

It is a free software that gives you a chance to make custom feeds to discover what’s being said in regards to your business, excluding the Tweets that really mention your business’s name.


Keyhole gives you a chance to track discussions continuously in real time. Your dashboard demonstrates what number of posted hashtags, Retweets, preferences and impressions your content has begged. Their downloadable information reports demonstrate the accomplishment of your social methodology or crusade over a timeframe.


Tools To Follow/unfollow


This is the ultimate tool if you are trying to build a nice client base for yourself. This will help you find the right user for your account. You can get the list of the users based on various filters such as Keyword, Hashtag, etc.

TwtBoardPro Best Twitter Tool


The best tool to know who follows whom. This is really a simple and effective tool for those who are following certain accounts and willing to target their client base.

Tools To Social Listening


SocioBoard helps you comprehend the discussions happening around your product and services. It permits you to glance at social sentiment, react to remarks progressively, and watch the key patterns. You can set up automation alarm that will spare you time and permit you to share results over your organization.


Synthesio gives you a chance to measure reputation and sentiment to know how customers see your posts and shares. You can utilize those bits of knowledge to better connect with clients and settle on more intelligent business choices.

Tools To Timing


Tweriod lets you know the best times to Tweet. It investigates both your Follower’s Tweets and your personal tweet, so you can send messages when it will have the best effect.

Tools To Chat


TweetChat gives you a chance to follow the chats being done on a particular hashtag. When you answer to the discussion, the hashtag consequently gets added to your Tweet. is a valuable software that composes your discussions on Twitter and fabricates you a list of what you need to react to. It groups followers on different classifications to help you better relate to your crowd.

Tools To Create Image


Twitshot is a tool that helps you scrap pictures from various links and append them to your Tweets. To begin, embed your link with your message and select the picture you need to use for your Tweet.


Canva makes it simple to add visuals to your Social Media posts. Whether you need to work on pre-made layouts or upload your own photographs, Canva has huge amounts of various choices to suit your content.


Tools To Get Influencers


This application gives you a chance to find influencers by keywords on Twitter, making it a Troublesome act to connect with an influencer. This software will likewise give you valuable demographic information on who your Followers are, alongside useful information perceptions of your social action that you can contrast with different accounts.


This is also an amazing software that will help you get users based on certain filters. You can search users based on certain keyword or hashtag. Then you can easily get a list of most influencing people on twitter and easily contact them.


Buzzsumo provides you the trending content in your industry and distinguishes compelling individuals who will have the capacity to share it. You can channel influencers from various sections (blogger, writer, and so forth.) that will help you locate the most significant influencers to talk with.

Now that you have the list of the best Twitter Tools for a specific function, get the best one according to your business demand and need. Get yourself the missing tool which was hindering your marketing strategy in witnessing the boom.