Since Facebook’s acquisition of the social media channel in 2012, one of the photo sharing app ‘Instagram’ has exploded it’s growth as well as, with 300 million daily active users, over 30 billion photos shared, and an average of 70 million photos posted, like and shares each and everyday.

People are very much like to engaging with Instagram posts on levels incomparable by any other social media network. As per the research of Forrester, interactions of users with brands via Instagram is 400% higher than on Twitter and Facebook, offering 56% more engagement per follower than other social media (120 times more engagement than twitter and 58 times more engagement than Facebook). The research reports of Instagram engagement clear the mirror and shows the phase of how to drag more engagement via Instagram marketing.

But, now you might be thinking that how my brands can start building an influencing Instagram presence? And how my brands start engaging with followers to drive more sales? We know for a long you want to improve your Instagram marketing strategy?

So, are you looking for the latest tips and automation tools for Instagram?, Gramboardpro is the perfect platform for you.

We all aware with the fact that Instagram is one of the fast-growing social media marketing platform and businesses are very much eager to establish their strong presence over there and encourage more audience to increase their engagement rate on the network.

#1: Shoot with high-quality photos


Your Instagram marketing feed is only as good as your photos, so it’s good to start with high-quality photos that makes your Instagram marketing page more effective and influencing.

One of the best methods to save time and create better photos for your business pages is to shoot with high-quality photos similar to shoot square. Many smartphones and digital cameras have this in their settings so it’s amazing feature and really easy to do. This feature lets you save your precious time on cropping and ensures that the vital elements in the photographs won’t be cropped out after.

Because shooting photos via Instagram app is good for common purpose but not sufficient for commercial purpose especially when you want to attract cranky social media users. But the shoot square app can help you to take fantastic photos using the grid to follow the principle of thirds.

#2: Use a personalized Link diminished to drag more engagement

one of the important things that most of the marketers required to know is how well their business Instagram account will assist you to drive more traffic and leads back to their official websites. Unfortunately, robotic software can’t accurately track this targeted traffic like Google Analytics. When users visit your websites from your mobile Instagram business account.

To audit accurate click through rates, I especially recommend businesses to use a customized link particularly for the URL in their official Instagram biography.


Then you can check your Gramboardpro’s analysis data to record how many clicks your Business account is actually sending to your site.

Create a different live link each time you change the link for a new brand landing page, default or campaign page to constantly track more leads and successful traffic.

#3: Be Tricky With your Instagram Bio Link

If you’re using Instagram for personal purpose then its one of the most fun and spontaneous centrist platform for you. But if your motive is to use this platform as a marketing tool for your business, you have to be a bit more optimizing and calculating with it.

I personally like to use Instagram as a social media marketing platform to promote my brands and as an Instagram marketing tool Gramboardpro help me a lot to do so. The businesses that are really rising their brand presence on Instagram (like Starbucks, Nordstrom, Nike and others). The one and only strategy they use to increase their brand presence is- they plan their Instagram posts well in advance.


If you’re a one-man show or a smaller brand, you can also develop a great influence on Instagram.

Use the social media and personal link in your bio to connect to a landing page that holds the same posts you put on Instagram, and allows you to promote your e-commerce website, collect leads, collect entries for a giveaway, gain subscribers to your blog, etc.

#4: Promote your Partners

Cross-Promote if you may! The pattern on Instagram now’s to generally share the like, as they say, by marking others and on occasion even by downright marketing others, services and products.

Regionally we’ve eateries that function ale in the several art machines in the region. Both machines and also the eateries consider full advantageous asset of Instagram by marking one another. The machines additionally help each other with faucet takeovers, that are wealthy reasons for Instagram pictures and labels.


The outcomes are threefold: greater acknowledgment for everybody concerned, elevated fans (who consequently label the businesses during appointments) and elevated traffic and revenue for that nearby companies.

#5: Trending with Hashtags

Instagram users can now use Instagram’s explore factor to discover marketing posts related to trending hashtags such as #LoveWins, #BestRestaurant and #Books.

If these trending hashtags are relevant to your business, endorse them in timely posts to aid discovery.


On the terms of discovery, Instagram also provides the ability to discover by emoji.

If emojis make good sense for your business’s strategy, be sure you’re pertaining about how they can be a great marketing channel-appropriate method to convey what thing can’t, but also what are the thing can aid in search.

#6: Prepare a Marketing Funnel to drag more Instagram users

For most businesses, getting a new follow on Instagram is really very important, but it’s just one and initial step in the entire marketing funnel.

To maneuver your customers more down the channel, you should look at distinguishing methods to seize your followers e-mail. Among the greatest methods to seize your follower e-mail would be to request it.


Reveal a picture having a proactive approach in both caption and visible informing customers to follow the link inside your biography to obtain or subscribe to a publication. When the person requires this course of action, you’ll find a way to interact together on the one-to-one foundation and consider your link with the following stage.

To get this done effortlessly, you need to produce a specific landing page designed straight to your Instagram following. Use message that references Instagram and gives an identical feel and look as your manufacturer with this funnel.

From there, interact together with your mail customers by providing them useful and related info that will assist transfer them down the channel. Generate them for your blogs along with other sociable stations and maintain them current together with your service or product.

#7: Mix your posting strategy by including videos in addition to photos.

The hottest Instagram marketing tip, nowadays is to mix up your social posting strategy by including marketing videos in addition to promotional photos.

We all aware with the fact that a video can generate 3 times more engagement and inbound links as compare to written posts, it’s a valuable marketing tool that can be used to engage audience and followers, improve your social following and drive traffics towards your site.


As a social media marketers, we all know that ‘Instagram- a photosharing app’ is totally related to visual storytelling, but if you add a video with photo, you can actually give your story to live a life.

For an instant, take a look at McDonald or Oreo’s and you’ll see an awesome examples of stop motion videos that character a product at the center of the entire video, without using a sales pitch across the video.


#8: Clout Sponsored Advertisement

The ever-growing paid feature of the Instagram is one of the hottest marketing tips for users because having the access of this feature leads you to generate more engagement on the platform.

Sponsored advertisement on Instagram are becoming a common as well as daily occurrence on people’s time-lines, whether it’s a single ad or multiple ads using the marry-go-round element.

This is providing manufacturers an entire fresh measurement to focus on their market. Before, only people following a consideration that might observe photos upgrades, while today manufacturers may market these to anybody inside their audience.


These functions continue to be within their childhood and just select brands employed in relationship with Instagram are employing them, but I anticipate this to remove significantly with different manufacturers.

Entrepreneurs must be prepared with information that’s equally participating and made up of a specific goal demographic in your mind. You’ll also wish to have numerous articles that viewers oriented.

#9: Guide Users to Visit your Most Valuable and Influencing Content

Whilst Instagram today enables marketers the capability to include clickable links within their carousel articles, URLs nevertheless aren’t clickable in picture explanations.

Luckily, there’s a method to circumvent this therefore entrepreneurs may direct fans for their best information.


You are able to decide to engage customers to some everlasting site, such as for instance a website or your site. But a level greater choice would be to connect to your most up to date information, whether that’s an article, post or a marketing blog.

For an instant, take Mashable’s Instagram business account. In the confession of their latest upload, all Instragram users are encouraged to click through to the link in Mashable’s author bio. Clicking this type of link will take them to a post related to the Instagram photographs.


Keep in mind that URLs to live links of information are usually prolonged, therefore contemplate utilizing a URL – shortening support to come up with a vanity link.

#10: Demography and Use Sponsored Posts

One of the best Instagram strategy for getting significant publicity and building a huge audience is to find substantial Instagram records which can be already catering to your demographic and buy subsidized articles to them.

It’s the cheapest CPM (cost-per-Month opinions) of any ad program right-now.

Truth be told you’ll find tens of thousands (if-not thousand and thousands) of Instagram business accounts being developed exclusively with the aim of selling featured shout-outs to firms and models.

Often, one person runs multiple reports that have hundreds of thousands of fans in various niches like well being, exercise, vehicles, activities, fashion, diet and others.

As soon as you locate the one that targets your perfect demographic and follow them, Instagram will highlight “similar accounts.” You’ll understand these accounts take settled sponsored articles if they have a message address while in the bio. Typically it will say something such as “For Enterprise Inquiries” too.


From there, email them (briefly) about your manufacturer/organization (the clever people can also be looking for a good fit) and get the sponsored posts because of their sponsored article pricing.

After you hit a take care of the bill, be sure you evaluate their previous threads to view which type or style of images receive the many wedding and consider this when you’re creating your ad image and copy.

Your best bet will be to link back to your Instagram bill, as opposed to trying to deliver users straight to your website, because Instagram doesn’t let connecting in comments.

Applying this technique makes it easy to achieve hundreds or countless amounts of new fans inside your target demographic overnight. The key now could be growing these fresh followers with wonderful content that attracts them-and gradually launching them to your model.

#11: Make Graphics with Captions


Pairing photographs with captions is a persuasive way to drag more leads and engage your targeted audience. For Canva’s #dailywebdesigntips, you can combine striking graphics with a piece of shareable social content, like a practical design tip or an inspiring quote.

Complete the photo with all relevant hashtags and a detailed caption, and the entire combo results in a coercive post packed with hot nuggets of knowledge.

After Math

There’s no such way to step up your online business game than being active on Instagram. The social media platform is constantly making huge improvements, so business and individuals can get more out of it. Plus, there are strategies, aside from Instagram itself, to improve engagement rate and the brand visibility.


Explore Gramboardpro marketing tools and tips, and see the differences and optimize which and what things will work best for you and your businesses.

So, what’re you thinking? Do you use any Instagram marketing tools and tips? How was your experience? What other cranky Instagram tips do you have? You can share all your queries and experience with us. Please leave your questions and comments below.

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