It takes a strong social media marketer to reign in their marketing ploys and begin to really open up to their community. But that’s what social media is all about. There are no shortcuts to becoming a better communicator on your social media pages, but there are a few fundamental tips you can follow that will help.

First of all you have to let go of the idea that you can convince everyone you come across that you have something worth buying eventually. People generally don’t like talking to other people with only one thing on their minds – sales.

So let’s stifle the burning desire to sell, sell, sell and figure out how to communicate better with your community. That way, when your sales take off – you’ll know why you spent all that time sharpening your chatting skills.

1. Try To Make Sense

It’s easy to get caught up in ‘sms speak’ or to go on and on about something that isn’t important on social media. This is very popular on Twitter. Try to make sense – always – so that new users can follow what you are saying.

2. Listen To What People Are Saying

A conversation happens between two people, which means that after you’ve said something – it’s your turn to listen. If you don’t, your conversations will end before they have even begun!

3. Spend Time Making Real Connections

Meet real people, and make real connections on your social media pages. Learn their names, and speak to them about non-work related topics. Find common ground, like you would do in a friendship – and build something from it.

4. Share Experiences and Expertise For Free

If you’re going to be defensive about your expertise or secretive about your life – don’t expect to become a master communicator on a sharing platform. Work at sharing for free, even if you don’t want to.

5. Don’t Sound Like a Know-It-All

Sounding like you are the world’s most amazing leader in a certain field is great, but it’s intimidating to a lot of people. It also tends to keep the conversation one-sided, as you don’t value anything anyone else has to say.

6. Don’t Insist You’re Always Right

Always being right is close minded and irritating, and your community will see that right off the bat. If you make mistakes or are corrected – accept it graciously and move on with the conversation.

7. Create a Mini-Log Of Who People Are

If you spend enough time building real friendships, create a log of everyone you meet, and detail parts of their lives that they have shared with you. That way the next time they come online, you have a reference guide. Hay Tom! How’s your daughter? People love that.

8. Only Speak When You Have Something To Say

Consistently writing about nonsense or silly things is not going to win you any friends – and when you do make friends, and they do a little digging on who you are – they’re not going to like what they find. Only blog or post when you have something interesting to say.

9. Schedule Group Discussions Or Live Sessions

Instead of waiting for 8 hours to see who has replied, try to organize times where a few of you (or a lot of your community) are on at the same time. That’s when live, real-time chat comes into play. Each time you do it, you’re narrowing the stranger-friend gap.

10. Learn To Use Each Platform Properly

There’s no point in being the most friendly person on earth, and you don’t know how Facebook works – so you use it like a fearful second grader. Spend time working out how each platform works, all the tips – all the tricks.

Work on these points and soon your communication skills will improve. It’s only a matter of time!

How do you fine tune your communication skills on social media platforms? Share your views and tips in the comment section below!