Engagement is one of the most evocative metrics on social media, nowadays. It doesn’t matter that how many Twitter followers or Facebook likes you’ve got. If they’re not engaged with your brand, your ROI is probably MIA.

Unfortunately, some social media marketers get so engrossed on increasing social engagement that they can come off as a bit offensive. To make substances worse, what’s offensive on social media changes fast, simply because its changes fast.

So what’s a social media marketer to do? Well, one golden rule to start: Listen More Than You Talk. As smart marketers, you need to pay close attention to what your customer has to say, whether they’re saying it to you or not. That’s a good start.

When someone tells you to follow the rules, do you take their advice seriously or do you think that rules are made to be broken? There are ample rules reigning B2B social media and almost all of them can or should be broken at one time or another.


But the main thing about social media marketing and its rules is that nobody can come to an agreement on what actually the rules are. Even if you back off from the precise line of rules and call them guidelines, nobody will agree on that either.

The best part of social media is that anybody can enter into this giant world, and market their brand to a huge crowd of audience. The drawback is that if you’re not updated about all the latest trends and cultural expectations of social media, you might find yourself making some bloopers that can eventually cost your business for sure.

Here’s a list of 10 social media etiquette rules that you may be breaking without even realizing:

  1. Most Common Mistake— “Mixing Up Personal and Professional Accounts”

If you yourself is the personality behind your brand, you can occasionally feature yourself on your company’s social accounts. But make sure not to let your personal life and views spill over into the business’s land.

For instance— sharing a family photo for wishing customers “happy holiday” is a great step to give a personal touch. But, often sharing of family or personal photos can be annoying for the customers.

  1. Sharing Contentious Opinions

Politics and Religion, no matter how crucial they may be to you, are better to keep away in social media that is linked to your business.

By doing distasteful postings, you are more prone to push away customers, even those ones who may agree with you.

  1. Reacting To Every Single Interaction

The world of social media is very giant. For every causal message or comment, you don’t need to respond. But if that comment or message is reasonably linked to your brand, responding is very crucial.

You need to respond even to negative reviews or comments only if that’s related to your brand.

  1. Being Boring

All of your post shouldn’t be telling what services you’re offering, or opening hours or why the customers should prefer you over your competitors. Doing this may let you lose followers very quickly. Post interesting things, funny articles, relevant news and the photos which customers will like, and diverse updates on your brand.

  1. Having a Varying Identity

Do you have social media accounts to project a professional and serious image or it’s all about lighthearted fun? Are your ads implementing a consistent sense of humor or do they are everywhere on the spectrum from wit to crude jokes?

If you’ll constantly post similar type of post, people will get bored. Keep your postings diverse to stay interesting, but ensure that your social media “personality” is constant.

  1. Not Communicating With Your Audience

People of all demographic and ages groups are now the part of the social media world. Knowing and understanding your audience is the key to success for any kind of business venture. Interacting with your audience directly and in the right way can make a big difference in the quality of interactions you get and in the manner followers see your business. It’ll also help in bettering your business since potential clients can relate you much better through social media.

  1. Not Checking Grammar and Spelling

Posts written in a bad or inappropriate manner can be very upsetting for the people looking on your page to get some good quality of work offered by you. Make sure to cross check your spellings and grammar. A well-written, quality post will boost customer confidence in your brand.

  1. Reporting Without Giving Recognition

Did you just come over a brilliant article or hilarious photo? That’s amazing! You should share it on your different social media accounts if you think it’s beneficial for your customers. Just make sure to give recognition where it’s necessary. This will make your audience feel that you really respect the time that other people are put into handling their social media accounts. The best way to give credit to someone is by writing “H/T” (Hat Tip) and then the name of the person who originally posted the content. Mentioning H/T means that you acknowledge where you found the content.

  1. Misusing hashtags

All the good social media etiquette says that the hashtags you’re using must be a combination of simple, short, fun and useful. The hashtags should directly associate to the content you’re posting or sharing, and most importantly, it should be easy to read. Apart from Instagram, use hashtags wisely or else your content can quickly drown out.

  1. Spamming

Spamming is the top social media sin that a company can commit.  If you post spam-like content, you can surely lose your followers or likes very easily. Posting the same content frequently, or sharing the same message in different social media accounts can be considered as spamming. Spamming can be anything, even repeatedly posting irrelevant or useless content, which is a sure turnoff for followers.

Back to you:

All things considered, social media is an incredible marketing tool with lots of challenges added up. It’s important to stay aware of every platform’s nuances and opportunities, as it can help you to get better in touch with your audience and generate higher-quality content attracting more people to your business. So, don’t break these 10 social etiquette rules, and get ready to establish a successful social media presence in no time! And if I have missed any social media etiquette pet peeves, tell us about yours in the comments. If you speak up, maybe just a few of us might try to stop doing them. 🙂