The novelty is summed up in a few words: Today you can load the GIF on Twitter and show space dedicated to multimedia content. Or immediately after the text message.

For some time you can show videos and images (an option that can give great satisfaction in terms of ReTweet ): today with the addition of GIF on Twitter closes a circle. And now you have one more weapon to communicate, to grow your followers, to better interact with your followers and increase your brand exposure more than ever.

So, what you have to grab those perk, I just mentioned? Simply insert a GIF to get good results? No. Each tool must be used in the right way : a communications professional know how, when and why to use a particular solution.

So today I suggest 10 smart ways to use the GIF on Twitter.

1. Support

The first way to use the GIF on Twitter, in my opinion, is the support. Through a simple sequence of images can show an important task for a certain group of users, you can explain how to solve a problem or how to activate a particular function. The example comes directly from your Twitter Support.

2. Mood

Want to suggest a mood to your followers? Want to show that you are happy for a particular situation or an event was successful? You can do with a Graphics Interchange Format: just choose the right one. Here is a tweet of Hootsuite who decided to celebrate the arrival of the GIF on Twitter.

3. Information

GIFs are a great vehicle to leave valuable information to the user. I know, usually associate these animated images in creative work , but I assure you it can also be used to communicate important data. Just a chart, some numbers and the correct animation. An example:

4. The product concerned

The images, videos and, of course, the GIF can help a brand to put the product at the center of communication. In other words you want to emphasize the good that is at the center of your business, and you want to do creatively. Do you want to attract attention. Just like Oreo:

5. How To

The contents How To always have a great rapport with the audience: everyone needs a content that is able to explain how to get a good result with the technology, in the kitchen, with people, with machines of any kind and utilities. And why not anticipate something of the content with a GIF on Twitter?

6. News

Do you want to launch something new? There is a new line to be presented? A new section has been opened? Well, animated images can give you a hand: they can attract the attention of users on Twitter and enhance your messages with new meanings.

7. Meme

Ok, how can you forget the meme? The GIF will be a great vehicle to spread new meme characters on Twitter. Because online communications moving through these channels, and it is right to exploit them. Just as suggests this tweet:

8. Tell a Story

Ok, this is difficult. I realize that is not easy to tell a story via Twitter, but I suggest you an example: the Doodle World Cup Twitter account to Google. The concept is simple: divide a story into small episodes. You will make it?

9. Quote

We do an experiment. Connects a quote, a quote from an important person , in an animation able to attract the eye and especially distracted user to connect with the concept expressed: perfect, you got a great GIF to share with your friends on Twitter.

10. Draw attention

Some people do it in a way and those who do so in another. There are those who want to draw attention with interesting content and who uses strong colors, cats, flying slices of bacon. The world of GIF is nice because it never ceases to amaze. And why has no rules: no one can say “no, you cannot do this.” We bet?

GIF on Twitter: What’s your opinion?

This news is breaking the social world into two, as always happens in these cases: there are those who agree and want to make the most of this new opportunity, there are those who prefer to tweet pictures, text and video. What is your opinion? Will you use the GIF on Twitter? Do let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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