Using social media for marketing plays a vital role, many entrepreneurs have used the social media to get themselves noticed by many customers. This is also known as open source social media, which helps in interacting with various customers as well. But most important is by making sure that you abide by the rules and you don’t post any derogatory content on your page just to attract a lot of customers. It might be good but it can cost your business to collapse in a short span of time just like last year a mattress store in San Antonio posted an ad of twin price mattress which caused a huge furor among the masses because this commercial was released on two days before the 15th anniversary of 9/11 which was offended by a lot of people and that costed their business as well along with their apology. There are various social media tools which can be helpful in accomplishing this task.

Here are some certain laws which needs to be followed when you are using social media for marketing:

  1. The Law of Listening:

    Achieving success in social media involves more of doing work and less of broadcasting. Please make sure that you are listening to your customer’s queries and also make sure that you follow their advice as well. You should make your content so attractive that it helps in generating more leads.

  2. The Law of Focus:

    It is always better to make your content related to your website, it gives a strong hold to the brand and also helps in getting maximum amount of people as well in your page.

  3. The Law of Quality:

    This is the most important factor of making sure that you are getting the maximum amount of people for majority of likes and you should even add more connections as the interests of the audience can fade away anytime.

  4. The Law of Patience:

    Getting success in social media takes a very long time, so the most important route to success is patience. It is easy to do something tomfoolery to gain large number of people but it takes patience to create a masterpiece.

  5. The Law of Compounding:

    If your content is the best and everyone liked it then it will be shared by most of the people in their facebook, twitter and LinkedIn profiles as well. Sharing frequently your content will open the doors of your site being discovered on Google as well.

  6. The Law of Influence:

    Finding the influencers to promote your brand can be very useful, network with people who are associated with your website and make a relationship with them as well. It might even help them in sharing content with the followers as well.

  7. The Law of Value:

    Most importantly never waste time on useless conversation which mean nothing to your customers, concentrate on making your content more valuable and develop relationships with the online influencers as well.

  8. The Law of Acknowledgement:

    Once your business has become success, it is important to even make sure that you thank your clients for the feedback they have given, this will help in building a relationship with the customers as well.

  9. The Law of Accessibility:

    Don’t be a one time wonder by posting one content and then disappearing, make sure that audience are very shrewd about what to like and dislike. It is mandatory to frequently post new content every single time.

  10. The Law of Reciprocity:

    You shouldn’t always speak about yourself all the time, which will end up hurting the customers. You should also allow them to speak for themselves as well by accepting their content.


These laws are very mandatory to most of the entrepreneurs who are thinking of hosting their business on social media. Good luck in your innovations and do subscribe to our website for more such blogs. See ya!!